Accell Powramid Power Center Review

Accell Powramid Power CenterThe Accell Powramid caught my attention mainly because of its interesting design. It seems a lot of people also dig it as there are already a lot of consumer reviews on for this surge protector.

There are a lot of things that we’re going to talk about this surge protector from Accell. It’s best that you stick around and read the important factors so you can decide later if this device is going to be worth your time and money.

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Surge Protection

This is my main concern when it comes to getting a surge protector for my needs. The good news is that the Accell Powramid has built-in surge protection that has a rating of 1,080 Joules. The 6 outlets and the 2 USB charging ports are all surge protected so you can be confident that your device will be safe from damaging voltage spikes.

Another feature worth mentioning that will truly benefit you is the power stop technology. Typical surge protectors will continue to function and provide power to your device even after if the surge protection is already gone. This is not good since it exposes your devices to potential damage from power spikes.

The concept behind the power stop technology is really simple. It will stop performing once the surge protector exceeded its full capacity, thus making sure your device is protected from damage.

The Accell Powramid D080B-015K also boasts that their metal oxide varistor (MOV) are wrapped around a fireproof material. Basically, the MOV is responsible for absorbing the power surge and redirects it away from your equipment. Things can get really hot and the X3 MOV technology of the Powramid will make sure that the heat is going to be contained and will eliminate a potential fire incident.

Filtering Capability

There are going to be some small power fluctuations that can affect your equipment’s performance. If there’s some noise and static, it can show up as an audio and video disturbance. The Accell 6-outlet surge protector has a built-in noise reduction filter and this reduces the static that is caused by what you call a dirty power.

Built and Design

I love surge protectors that provide enough space to plug in all of your adapters especially the bigger ones like the wall warts. The cone pyramid design of the Accell D080B-015K provides you with outlets that have plenty of separation and this allows you to plug and use all of their 6 outlets regardless of your adapter size.

The outlets are going to be tight and I’m not sure if this is designed that way but it’s actually an effective way to make sure your heavy adapters won’t get dislodged so easily because of the angled placement of the outlets.

Many of the surge protectors you’ll encounter are used behind the furniture or hidden on the floor. In Accell Powramid’s case, it has an appealing design that is more ideal to be used on a desk or on your countertop.

On top of the surge protector is the on/off power switch. It has a blue indicator light and is protected by a clear plastic dome which requires a bit of an effort to remove. This can be a minor inconvenience but I prefer a tight cover since it won’t fall off easily.

Any Issues?

When using the USB ports to charge, you’re going to hear a soft electrical hum. This is a very small issue and you’ll need a very quiet environment to even notice the hum.

Next issue is with regards to their user interface. It would be nice to have an on/off label for the power switch and an indentation for the plastic dome to let people know that it’s supposed to come off. Again, this is a minor issue but some people might miss this and mistakenly think that the strip is not functional.

Consumer Reviews

A good number of consumers were satisfied with its overall performance and design. They love that the outlets have plenty of separation in between to let them plug in their bigger adapters. Consumers also love the nice aesthetic design of the surge protector making it very ideal for decorative purposes.

What’s Next?

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