APC P11VNT3 Performance SurgeArrest Review

APC P11VNT3 Performance SurgeArrestThe APC P11VNT3 power strip has 11 AC outlets that will provide surge protection for your equipment such as your computer, television, home theater system, etc.

It also has some surge protection jacks for your Ethernet, telephone and coaxial cables. The length of the heavy duty power cord is 8 feet and the plug as a flat right angle design. There are indicator lights that will provide you with the right information with regards to your overall protection status.

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The last article I wrote before this was actually about the APC P11VT3 3020 review which is a similar surge protector. I will probably write a different article in the next few days that will list down the similarities and differences between the two.

I’d like to remind you again that not all power strips can be considered as surge protectors. First thing you have to look for when shopping for a power strip with surge suppression features is the joules rating. If you don’t see any joules rating or whatsoever, then it’s simply not a surge protector.

In the case of this power strip, it does have an advertised surge protection rating of 3020 joules. However, just like the the APC P11VT3, the 3020 joules is divided between the outlets and the surge suppression jack for the Ethernet, telephone and coaxial cables. This is not official and don’t quote me on this but the 11 AC outlets will probably have around 2000 joules while the remaining protection will be for the Ethernet, telephone and coaxial.

The 11 AC power outlets are going to be neatly arranged in 3 rows. The 2 outer rows on the sides of the unit will have 3 block power outlets that will accommodate your bigger wall wart adapters. This is beneficial as you don’t have to sacrifice or block other nearby outlets. The middle row will house the 5 outlets that’s designed for your regular power cords.

Like I’ve mentioned before at the start of this review, there are going to be indicator lights in this unit. One light will monitor the status of your surge protection. There’s also a light that will notify you if you’re overloading the unit with all of the equipment you’ve plugged in. Finally, there’s an indicator light that will give you a warning if there’s some issues with the wirings in your house that could give some potential hazard.

There’s also a lifetime warranty for the APC P11VNT3 surge protector and an equipment protection policy worth $100,000. You have to register this unit through their official website but it actually does not activate your equipment protection policy. It seems that you actually have to send in the warranty card within the next ten days and list down the exact equipment that you’re going to plug into the surge protector.

Any Issues

Just like the APC P11VT3, a potential issue with the APC P11VNT3 is the signal degradation when using the coaxial cable protection. For example, your internet connection might slow down or the quality of your channels might suffer. However, there are some people who reported that they didn’t experience any signal loss when using the coaxial protection so it’s really a mixed bag of reviews when it comes to this issue.

Consumer Reviews

The APC P11VNT3 Performance SurgeArrest is generally well received by consumers. Some people love the fact that APC is a high quality brand that stands behind their own products and there are reviews from people who shared their smooth experiences when it comes to claiming warranties for their power strips.

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