APC P11VT3 3020 Joules SurgeArrest Review

APC P11VT3 3020 Joules Performance SurgeArrestThe APC P11VT3 SurgeArrest is a surge protector with 11 AC outlets and a splitter functionality for your phone. Additionally, it will also provide some surge protection for your coaxial cables. The length of the power cord is 8 feet long and it has a right angle plug design.

Not all power strips are going to be surge protectors. You have to check out the joules rating so you can be sure that a power strip is a surge protector. In this product’s case, the surge protection rating is at 3020 joules. Take note that only 2800 joules are going to be for the AC outlets and the phone line jacks will have the remaining 220 joules so you have the total advertised joules rating of 3020.

There’s going to be a lifetime warranty and a $100,000 equipment protection policy. Just make sure that you register your unit after purchasing it either by sending it using the enclosed post card or through their official website.

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If you decide to take this surge protector apart, you’re going to notice how well built it is, the soldering looks good and the metal bars for the power appears to be decent. The metal oxide varistors (MOV) are properly mounted and looks to be very secure.

It has less than 40V let through voltage rating and less than 1 nanosecond response time. The APC P11VT3 will also have a 70db noise filtering features that will help with your components perform at an optimum level during its peak.

There are sliding covers for the outlets so you can close them when you’re not using them and this is very helpful for keeping the dust and moisture from the outlets. There are 5 outlets in the middle of this unit that are designed for regular plugs and around it are 6 block outlets for your bigger AC adapters which is a lot more when you compare it with its competition.

There’s an indicator light that will monitor the status of your surge protection. There’s also an overload light that will let you know if you’re overloading the APC P11VT3 surge protector with the number of equipment you’ve plugged in. Finally, there’s an indicator light that will prompt you with a warning if there are some issues with your wirings in your house that may cause potential hazard.

Any Issues?

There’s probably going to be some signal loss when you plug in your coaxial cable. For example, the quality on some of your TV programs might get a little low or the signal will just disappear. However, this issue is not isolated and it’s actually present in some surge protectors that provide coaxial cable protection.

Consumer Reviews

A good number of people are satisfied with the overall performance of the APC P11VT3 surge protector. Consumers were pleased with the build quality and the number of protective features it provides for your equipment. A lot of people have provided stories on how this power strip saved their sensitive electronics from damaging surges. Consumers also shared their experiences with APC’s customer support, some are good and others were not so good. Overall, it’s an amazing surge protector at an affordable price.

What’s Next?

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Check Price of APC P11VT3 on Amazon.com

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