APC P11VT3 vs P11VNT3

Check out the APC P11VT3 vs P11VNT3 so you can make an informed decision on what unit is going to be the best for your situation. If you want a quick overview of what we’re going to discuss in this article, here’s a table where you can easily compare the two surge protectors.

APC P11VT3 3020 Joules Performance SurgeArrestAPC P11VNT3 Performance SurgeArrest
Product NameAPC P11VT3APC P11VNT3
Surge Rating3020 Joules3020 Joules
Protection11 AC Outlets, Telephone and Coaxial11 AC Outlets, Telephone, Coaxial and Ethernet

Protection Features

When you look at these two surge protectors, there’s really not that any huge difference between the two of them. Both will have 11 AC outlets (6 outlets for bigger adapters and 5 for regular sized outlets), 3 indicator lights that will notify the status of your surge protection, overloading, and wiring faults. Both of the surge protectors also have surge protection for your telephone and coaxial cable.

When you talk about the APC P11VT3 vs P11VNT3, the one main difference would be is that the latter version (P11VNT3) would have surge protection for your Ethernet connection.

Surge Protection

Both of the APC surge protectors have an advertised rating of 3020 joules. But you have to remember that this joules rating is for the entire unit itself and is divided between the AC outlets and the phone line jacks.

In the APC P11VT3 power strip, the surge protection rating for all of the 11 AC outlets is only going to be 2800 joules which is still a pretty good rating. While the remaining 220 joules is the protection for the phone line jacks. So if you total them you will have the advertised joules rating which is 3020 joules. The distribution of the joules rating will also be the same case when you talk about the APC P11VNT3 power strip.

Compliance with Standards

Both of the surge protectors are compliant with standards and they’re certified under the CSA, UL 1363 and UL 1449. However, the APC P11VNT3 has one additional approval which is the NOM which basically means that this surge protector has clearance for being exported into Mexico.


Of course another obvious difference when you discuss the APC P11VT3 vs P11VNT3 is the price. The price between the two is only going to be more or less $5 and with the APC P11VNT3 (the one with the Ethernet protection) being the more expensive unit.

Don’t bother looking at APC’s official site for the price because it’s going to be way too expensive when you purchase it there. If you want to get the best deal for any of the APC surge protectors that we’ve discussed here, then Amazon.com might probably be your best option.

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