QICENT Surge Protector Review

Let’s take a look at the 2 surge protectors from QICENT and see if this product is going to be worth your time and money.

QICENT 6-outlet Surge ProtectorThis QICENT surge protector has 6 AC outlets and 5 usb charging ports. It has a surge protection rating of 1700 joules so you can be sure that this is going to protect your lamp, alarm clock and other devices from destructive power spikes. However, if you want to protect your more expensive and sensitive electronics, I would look for a surge protector that has over 2000 joules and with a connected equipment insurance.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, it has 5 usb charging ports and each port will give out 2.4A of power. A lot of the chargers in the market will only provide 1A which is only suitable for phones. With 2.4A, you can easily charge your bigger tablets (like iPad) at a faster rate. Take note that the usb ports will only yield a maximum of 8A if you have 4 devices simultaneously charging.

The rectangular build with the clean and white aesthetics makes it an easy addition to your room in any decoration. The length of the power cord is at 5 feet and the 3-prong plug has a straight type design. The power cord is very sturdy but at the same time it’s also flexible. You can find the power switch on the side where the power cord attaches to the unit and there’s a blue light which is not annoyingly bright to let you know that the surge protector is operational.

The QICENT surge protector is silent and you won’t hear any humming sound or any annoying noise which some power strips have. There will also be some little tabs on the back of the unit so it won’t scratch your lovely furniture.

In your purchase you will find a card that will contain information about customer support. The after sales support is nice as it lets you know that QICENT is serious when it comes to helping people that have purchased their products.

Any Issues?

This surge protector doesn’t have any mounting holes and so you have to be a little creative if you want to mount it against your wall.

Like I’ve written before, the straight plug design can be an issue if you’re going to plug this power strip behind a desk or any piece of furniture.

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QICENT Desktop 2-outlet Surge Protector


The QICENT SA-2A5U surge protector has a couple of AC outlets and 5 usb charging ports. It has a surge protection rating of 1700 joules which is basically the same rating as the 6-outlet version above.

The 5 usb charging ports also provides 2.4A on each port when you use it individually. But when using all the ports simultaneously, you’re only going to get a combined power of 8A which is enough for a basic household use. For example, you could charge 2 tablets and 3 smart phones all at the same time and that would take up 8A.

The cool thing about the usb charging ports from QICENT (even the 6-outlet model) is that they have some smart features. It basically means that the ports will automatically detect what type of device you plugged in and will deliver the appropriate charging rate for it.

The length of the power cord is at almost 5 feet and the plug has a straight type design. The cord comes with a Velcro strap which is really handy when you fold it up or when you’re traveling around with it and unlike the model above, this surge protector will have a cellphone or tablet holder in the middle.

The QICENT SA-2A5U also has a power switch and the bottom will have rubber tabs which help it to stick and be stable on top of the surface. This also prevents any scratches from your furniture.

Any Issues?

The tablet holder in the middle is just big enough for your device without any type of thick sleeve. This is only a minor inconvenience but it would be nice if the tablet holder is a bit wider so it can fit your device with its sleeve.

Another thing is that the user manual doesn’t really give out the necessary technical details about the surge protector.

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Rosewill RPS-200 6-Outlet Power Strip Review

Rosewill 6-Outlet Power StripThe Rosewill RPS-200 is a power strip that has 6 AC outlets and each of those outlets will have individual switches so you can have independent control for your connected devices. This power strip kinda looks like the one that I’m using here at my workstation as the aesthetics are fairly similar.

A critical thing that I look out for when it comes to power strips is the surge protection capabilities. Remember that not all power strips can be categorized as a surge protector and to be considered as one, it must have a joules rating. Looking at this unit, I cannot seem to find any joules rating and because of this, I believe that it’s not a true surge protector.

However, it does have a 15-amp breaker that can basically protect your equipment from power spikes. Personally, I would not suggest that you plug in your high-end sensitive equipment through this power strip. If you’re just planning to plug in your basic equipment then you should definitely consider the Rosewill power strip.

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Of course one of the features that will prove to be useful is the individual power switches for each of the outlets. This is a beneficial feature to have if you want to save some electricity for equipments that you don’t use that much. Some people have found creative ways to use this feature with regards to their needs.

For example, a lighting technician doesn’t have to opt for expensive lighting effects especially if their budget cannot afford it. You can just plug all your effects into this power strip and you can control their power individually and you have a nice set of plug and play lighting.

The switches will light up when it’s turned on and this is helpful so you can easily know which outlet is using electricity. Basically, you can use the individual switches if you are using a lot of different equipment. The holes on the outlets have a snug fit and this might become an issue for you if you have to unplug your stuff on a regular basis.

The cost of this power strip is really inexpensive and yet it seems to have a well built and solid construction. The AC outlets have a little spacing between them but it’s not really ideal for your large wall wart adapters. The orientation of the AC outlets will allow you to plug your equipment without blocking the next outlet.

Any Issues?

The Rosewill RPS-200 have a slight issue when it comes to using those bigger adapters as it slightly overlaps the area of the power switch. A nice improvement that can be done by Rosewill is to increase the spacing between the outlet and the switch by half an inch but it will also make the strip a bit wider.

This strip comes in with a heavy duty 6 foot power cord but this can be an issue for you if you don’t really need a long cord. Also this strip has a straight plug design which is not ideal for plugging behind furniture.

There will be some issues when it comes to mounting this power strip against your wall as there are no screws, no mounting patterns included and the mounting holes is not multi-directional. The mounting patterns can easily be solved by getting a pencil and paper but it’s very challenging to find the screws that will fit the mounting holes.

Consumer Reviews

The Rosewill RPS-200 power strip has been around for a few years now and a good number of people have been satisfied with it. Consumers were definitely appreciative of the individual power switches for each outlet as it’s very helpful for saving electricity and for simply making power management very convenient. Plus, it has a very affordable price.

What’s Next?

Do you have anything to add in this Rosewill RPS-200 power strip review? Let your thoughts be heard and leave a comment below.

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Belkin 7-Outlet Surge Protector Review

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular Belkin 7-outlet power strips in this review.

Belkin BE107200Our first 7-outlet surge protector, the Belkin BE107200, has a very high surge protection rating of 2160 joules and this will definitely be enough for protecting your high-end sensitive electronics. All of the 7 AC outlets are surge protected but there’s only one outlet that can accommodate your bigger wall wart adapters and the rest of the outlets are closer to each other.

The power cord of this particular Belkin surge protector comes in 3 different lengths, 4 feet, 6 feet and 12 feet. Like many of the better surge protectors out there, this one has an EMI/RFI line noise filtering system which can help your equipment perform well when they’re at their peak. You can also protect your telephone and fax from power spikes as it has an RJ11 port.

Other helpful features are the notification lights which will tell you if your equipment is surge protected and if your outlets are properly grounded. You need your outlets to be grounded in order to make sure that the surge protection will properly work.

This product has a lifetime product warranty and a $100,000 insurance for your connected equipment. Please remember that you have to register your surge protector in order to make sure that you’re going to be covered by their warranty insurance. If you’re having a challenging time in registering the product online like some of the other consumers then do your best to contact their customer representative to get it registered.

The 12-foot power cord is very heavy and so it’s not that flexible. Make sure that you really need a 12-foot power cord or you might have some issues in trying to fit in the power cord in your area. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, I don’t like how the outlets are spaced out. If you have lots of bigger adapters then you might want to check out another product as there’s only one outlet that’s clearly for bigger adapters.

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Belkin BV107200The next surge protector is the Belkin BV107200 and it also has 7 AC outlets with a high surge protection rating of 2000 joules. This surge protector is actually the newer model of the first power strip we mentioned earlier which is the Belkin BE107200.

As you can see the joules rating is not that high when you compare it with the older model but it’s still enough to give protection to your high-end sensitive electronics. The power cord also comes in different lengths, 6 feet, 8 feet and 12 feet. The low profile flat plug is beneficial if you’re plugging it behind any furniture. The plug is also angled at 45 degrees so you can plug it together with another outlet. And just like the older model, there’s only one outlet that can accommodate your bigger adapter.

There are also notification lights that will indicate if the power strip is still capable of protecting from power surges and if your outlet is properly grounded which is critical in order for the surge protection to work properly. There’s also a telephone line protection which features a single in and double output ports but it doesn’t have any coaxial protection. The power switch is recessed in order to avoid any accidental shutdowns.

It has a limited lifetime warranty and the connected equipment warranty is only $75,000 which is lower than the older model.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, it only has a single outlet that has ample space for accommodating a big wall wart adapter. This can be a huge issue especially if you have a good number of adapters that are bigger than normal. It has a safety feature where the outlets are closed by a sliding cover but it seems that it’s been a challenge to slide it out. Still this is a helpful feature as it prevents any accidental poking from your kids.

Belkin BSQ700bg06-DPLastly we have the Belkin BSQ700BG06-DP which also has 7 AC outlets and a surge protection rating of 2100 joules. Still the first Belkin surge protector has the highest joules rating but this one is very close to it. Belkin boasts of their advanced power filtration and some huge metal oxide varistors which are responsible for absorbing and shunting the powerful transient surges.

The housing is damage resistant and this is very helpful in preventing the unit from catching fire. The strong housing also prevents dents and scratches from everyday usage. Just like the other Belkin surge protectors we’ve discussed here, there’s only one outlet that can accommodate a bigger adapter. Another thing is that there are indicator lights that will tell you if your equipment is being surge protected and if your wall outlet is properly grounded.

The length of the power cord is at 6 feet, the plug has a flat design but the cord is not right angled and this means that it will block the bottom wall outlet if you plug it on the top. It’s interesting that this specific Belkin surge protector has a really high connected equipment insurance of $200,000 but there are some strict rules in order to claim your warranty and you have to provide a lot of information related to your issue. Initially you want to contact the claims department of Belkin and fill out a service claim form on their official site.

One glaring issue about this surge protector is the high clamping voltage at 500V which isn’t really stated on Amazon.com or on Belkin’s official site. Basically you want a lower clamping voltage because it’s the voltage level that will be let through by the surge protector to protect your equipment. Currently the best clamping voltage is only at 330V and anything with over 400V is very high for safety considerations.

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Tripp Lite TLP825 8-Outlet Review

Tripp Lite TLP825The Tripp Lite TLP825 power strip has 8 AC outlets and a very long power cord which has a length of 25 feet.

I’ve written many reviews about power strips and surge protectors in this website and I believe this is the first time I’ve encountered a unit that has a 20-foot plus power cord.

There’s actually a 7-outlet version of this power strip, the Tripp Lite TLP725, but you would still probably prefer the 8-outlet version because you will get more benefits compared to the TLP725. But still it would entirely depend on what your needs are.

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First, let me remind you that not every power strip is going to be a surge protector. There have been some products that claim they provide some protection from power spikes but in reality they’re just a mere power strip. When you’re looking for a surge protector, you have to find out one important factor and that’s the joules rating. If you don’t see one, then it’s simply not a surge protector.

In the case of Tripp Lite TLP825, it is a real surge protector and has a high surge protection rating of 1440 joules. The higher the joules rating, the better your protection will be but some people would still prefer a much higher joules rating of over 2000 joules for protecting their high end sensitive equipment.

There’s also a line noise filtering capability with this power strip and this will help your equipment perform at their optimal level and will extend its lifespan.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, there are 8 AC outlets and 3 of those outlets have a bigger spacing so it can accommodate your bigger wall wart adapters. With this feature, you can really maximize the adapters that you’re plugging in as you won’t have to block the other outlets. Additionally, each of the outlets has a built-in safety cover and this will prevent any accidental poking, keep your children safe and will prevent any dust from damaging the inside components of your power strip.

It’s really a challenge to find a surge protector that has very long power cord but this is not the case with this unit. The 25-foot power cord of the Tripp Lite TLP825 is one of its highlights as it helps people to cover a great deal of distance from their equipment to the wall socket. It eliminates having to plug in a separate surge protector into another extension cord. Also if you have a local fire code that prevents you from using an extension cord with a temporary setup, this power strip would also be the solution.

There are 2 indicator LEDs which are labeled Grounded and Protected. The grounded red light will make sure that the surge protector is connected in a properly grounded wall outlet and the protected green light will tell you whether your equipment are protected from power surges. There’s a power switch that’s also illuminated to let you control all the connected equipment.

There’s a lifetime product warranty for this surge protector. In case the protected green light goes out, you can simply contact Tripp Lite and ask for a free replacement. Additionally, there’s a $75,000 insurance for the connected equipment.

Any Issues?

There’s no way to retract or coil the power cord so make sure you really need a surge protector with a very lengthy power cord or else you’re going to be bundled up with a cord that could get in the way.

The safety covers on the outlet feels a bit flimsy but it’s better than having no protection at all.

Consumer Reviews

The Tripp Lite TLP825 has been around for quite a long time now and it already has some consumer reviews. People are generally pleased with it and one of the many things that people loved is the very long 25-foot power cord.

What’s Next?

Do you have anything to add in this Tripp Lite TLP825 8-outlet review? Let your thoughts be heard by leaving a comment below.

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Opentron OT4126 Review

Opentron OT4126The Opentron OT4126 has 12 AC outlets and its entire body is enclosed in a metal housing.

The first time I saw it, I didn’t know that it was a power strip and thought that it was a black ruler or something. There are actually many power strips that have a thin and long design like this one but for now we’re going to focus on Opentron.

It’s mentioned in their product page that this is a surge protector but is it really? If you want a surge protector then you have to look for the joules number. In our case, this Opentron power strip has a surge protection rating of 400 joules which makes it a legitimate surge protector.

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The 400 joules is nice but when it comes to the joules rating, you want a higher number if you want to give some surge protection for your more high-end sensitive electronics. If you have some sensitive equipment then you might want to get a surge protector with over 2000 joules, with a good warranty and insurance protection for your connected equipment.

One of the things that I first look out for in a surge protector is the spacing of the outlets. I have to say that you’re going to get more than enough spacing between the outlets with the Opentron OT4126 as there are over 2 inches of spacing between each outlet. So far I haven’t seen any power strip that has that same generous amount of space and this will definitely accommodate any adapters that you have.

The overall length of this Opentron surge protector is at 4 feet, the width is one and a half inches and the height is also 1.5 inches. The unit has a good and sturdy feel into it. The contrast between the black metal housing of the unit and the white AC outlets is nice as you can easily see where to plug in your adapters which is more beneficial if you’re in a low light area.

There are going to be mounting parts and some screws included in this power strip. You don’t have to drill into this power strip to mount it against the wall, there’s an installation guide on how you can easily snap this unit in place. The power cord’s length measures in at 6 feet and has a 3-prong straight plug design. There’s also a power switch that will light up when you turn it on.

Any Issues?

The mounts can easily scratch the metal housing so you have to be careful when mounting it.

The straight plug design of its power cord is not going to be ideal if you’re going to plug it behind a furniture.

Consumer Reviews

The Opentron OT4126 surge protector was first available back on 2015. It started gaining some needed attention and currently it has a good number of consumer reviews with a favorable satisfaction rating. Some people even bought more than one unit. If you have a lot of wall wart adapters, then this is going to be an ideal solution for you.

What’s Next?

Read more reviews about it so you can make the right decision. Anything you want to add in this Opentron OT4126 review? Make sure you leave a comment below.

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Monster Cable MP AV 800 Review

Monster Cable MP AV 800The Monster Cable MP AV 800 has 8 AC outlets and 3 of those will have enough space to accommodate your bigger wall wart adapters. The outlets are color coded and will have some labels but honestly I’m not really that sold on the labels because not everyone will have the same equipment listed on the labels.

If you’re looking for a true surge protector, then you need to look for a joules rating, if you do not see any rating then it’s just a basic power strip with no protection against power surges. The Monster MP AV 800 has a very high surge protection rating of 1480 joules which is enough to provide protection for your equipment.

This unit does not have any surge protection for phone lines eventhough the graph on its Amazon.com product listing indicates that there is. However, it does have some surge protection for your coaxial cables. Additionally, it will give off an audible alert in case the unit received a power spike and have protected your equipment.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not too fond of the color coding schemes but there are some people who are going to benefit a lot from it. There are some included stickers so you can tag your power cords and this can save you a lot of time and frustration as you will easily know which device connects to the right outlet.

The length of the heavy duty power cord is at 8 feet and has a flat plug profile so you can easily plug it behind a piece of furniture. The prong contacts also has 24k gold for maximum conductivity of power and resistance from any corrosion.

With regards to the warranty, this surge protector has a $75,000 limited connected equipment warranty.

Any Issues?

There aren’t any real big issues with the Monster MP AV 800 Power Center but there are a few surge protectors that have the same price (or cheaper) and with more features than the Monster.

The surge protectors that I’m talking about are the APC P11VT3, APC P11VNT3 and the Belkin 8-Outlet (the cheapest). The surge protection rating of the Monster MP AV 800 is only 1480 joules but the 3 units I’ve mentioned have a higher joules rating. Another thing you should consider is that the Monster does not have any phone line protection and the surge protectors from APC and Belkin do include surge protection for your phone lines. Also there are going to be more outlets (11 AC outlets) for the APC surge protectors compared to just 8 AC outlets for this particular Monster unit.

These are just some of the most important and significant comparisons between these surge protectors and obviously it will be up to you to make the right decision.

Consumer Reviews

As of now there’s a good amount of reviews for the Monster Cable MP AV 800 surge protector. Generally, people were satisfied with its overall performance as it has a favorable consumer satisfaction rating. But like I’ve mentioned, there are going to be a few surge protectors out there that provide a much more competitive price and with a lot more features to offer.

Do you have anything to add in this Monster Cable MP AV 800 reviews? Is yes, then leave a comment below to contribute.

Monster MP HT 800G Review

Monster MP HT 800G Surge ProtectorThe Monster MP HT 800G power strip has 8 AC outlets and 3 of those 8 outlets are widely spaced to accommodate your bigger power adapters.

I’d like to remind you that not all power strips are going to be surge protectors but I quickly saw that this device will truly protect your equipment from damaging power spikes. First thing that you have to look out for is the number of joules rating, the higher the better.

In the case of this Monster power strip, it has a high surge protection rating of 2160 joules. A surge protector with over 2000 joules is an ideal rating for protecting your desktop computer, high-def television, component system, gaming consoles, etc from the transient power surges.

Check Price of Monster MP HT 800G on Amazon.com

There are 2 indicator lights that will notify you if the surge protection feature and the grounding are working perfectly. In case you experienced any power fluctuations, there will be an audible (alarm sound) notification that will tell you that your sensitive electronics have just been protected from damaging power spikes.

This power strip has what they call a GreenPower feature which basically will help you save energy. There’s a green power control AC outlet which serves as your master outlet and then there are 3 controlled outlets where the power can be controlled by the master outlet. If you have your television in the master outlet and switched it on, all of the equipment plugged in the other 3 greenpower controlled outlets will also turn on.

This feature is really beneficial if you have any type of setup. For example if you have a home theater system, then you just need to turn on your HDTV to activate your component system, gaming consoles and other equipment. Also if you have a desktop computer setup, then just turn your PC on and your printer, speakers, etc. will also turn on. Of course, if you turn off your equipment in the master outlet, then it will also turn off the devices that are plugged in your 3 controlled outlets.

The Monster MP HT 800G also has some capability to filter out any electrical noise which can degrade the performance of your equipment. If you’re experiencing any pixelation, static interference, reception issues from your electronics then you will definitely benefit from the noise filtering features of this surge protector.

What about its safety features? This surge protector claims that it has implemented a fireproof technology that will prevent any potential fire hazards. The regular surge protectors that you see will only have some plastic coating for their metal oxide varistors which can easily melt and catch fire. But with this Monster surge protector, their MOVs are stored in a ceramic enclosure that’s made up of a fireproof material. This is very helpful in giving you the peace of mind that your power strip won’t cause any fire hazard.

It has a lifetime product warranty and a maximum coverage of $500,000 according to their Amazon.com listing. I did some online searching and also found out that there’s a 5-year warranty period for the connected equipment damage. It’s best to contact them in order to clarify their warranty information.

Any Issues?

The Monster MP HT800G is very similar to the Mediabridge IntelliSurge with regards to its master and slave outlets.

You might experience some issues where your slave outlets are suddenly turning off even when the television is still turned on. The reason for this is because the device that’s plugged in the master outlet should meet a particular power output in order to function properly. For example, a computer that goes on standby mode will use a lower amperage and the power strip will think that you’ve turned your PC off eventhough it’s still on and this will cause the slave outlets to act out.

The good news is that you can easily disable this master-slave outlet feature from the side of the surge protector if it really doesn’t fit your needs.

Consumer Reviews

The Monster MP HT 800G surge protector has already received a good number of reviews. People are generally satisfied with its overall performance and consumers particularly like the energy saving features of this power strip along with its very solid protection against power spikes.

What’s Next?

Do you have any experience with this power strip? Contribute in this Monster MP HT 800G review by leaving a comment below.

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Belkin Travel Rockstar Review

Belkin Travel RockstarThe Belkin Travel Rockstar (BST301tt) has 2 AC outlets and 1 usb charging port with a 2A output. It’s a very compact device which makes it very ideal for individuals who travel a lot. Its overall length is only at 5 inches, the height and width is 2.66 and 1.6 inches respectively.

Another advantage of this device over the other similar products is that it has a built in battery pack that has 3000 mAh power capacity. This will easily allow you to charge any of your usb powered devices even without any access to an AC outlet.

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You’re probably not that interested with its surge protection capabilities because you’re after its mobile charging features and it’s perfectly understandable. I just want to inform you that not all devices can be considered as a surge protector. First thing to look out for is the number of joules rating, the higher the better and if you do not see that rating then it’s not a surge protector.

The neat thing is that the 2 AC outlets do have a surge protection rating of 615 joules which can protect your small basic appliances. It’s not a lot but it’s still better than having no protection at all and it plugs through your outlet in a vertical position. If you have 2 wall outlets, then you can plug this unit on the lower outlet so you can still use the top one.

Like I’ve mentioned before, the Belkin Travel Rockstar only has one usb charging port. Good thing it has a high current output of 2A which allows for faster charging. It would be nice if the single usb port goes up to 2.4A but it will still do its job in charging your tablets and charging your smartphones will be a breeze. Charging your iPhone with the Belkin unplugged will probably give a 15% charge in 30 minutes.

The 3000 mAh battery pack holds power and will only provide power to your USB powered devices. There will be a small button on the right area of the 4 lights and you must press that button so you can get the battery pack to function.

The way it’s set up and using it is just very intuitive as you simply plug it in. You won’t find any confusing instructions. There will be a card that will teach you how to work with the level button so you can see how much power is left, where you can plug your usb device and things that you should not plug in like your high powered appliances.

Any Issues?

One annoying issue with the Belkin Travel Rockstar is the foldable prongs on its side, it’s really challenging to fold the prongs back out. However, the stiffness on the prongs is understandable as you might plug in some heavy power cords into it but it would be a good design if there was an easy way to fold the prongs back out, like a piece of lace or just a few inches of space so your fingers would have more room to pull it back out.

Consumer Reviews

The Belkin Travel Rockstar gained some attention back in 2015 and currently it has a good amount of consumer reviews with a positive satisfaction rating. It’s a perfect traveling companion as it has a small footprint with just the right amount of weight so you can easily stash it in your pocket or bag.

What’s Next?

Do you have anything to add in this Quirky pivot power strip review? Just leave a comment below.

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Quirky Pivot Power Strip Review

Quirky Pivot Power StripThe Quirky pivot power strip provides 6 AC outlets and a really interesting and fun design which I’ve never seen before in a power strip.

First of all, let’s talk about the important things about this power strip and not get too distracted with its appearance. The product description on its Amazon.com listing indicates that it’s a surge protector. I’d like to inform you that not every power strip is going to be a surge protector. How can you tell? You have to look out for a joules rating in a power strip in order for it to be considered as a true surge protector.

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Looking closely at it, the Quirky power strip does have a surge protection rating of 672 joules which is enough to provide a basic protection against power spikes. When it comes to the joules rating, a higher number is better but this particular power strip is not very ideal in protecting your more sensitive high-end electronics as you need over 2000 joules for that.

Now that we’ve established that this is a true surge protector, let’s talk about its design which is really cool in my opinion. This power strip swivels and each of the outlet has some rotator around it. The swivel function solves all your issues with those bigger wall wart adapters.

The old and current solution was to give bigger spacing to the outlets in its rectangular housing so it can accommodate the bigger adapters. With this Quirky pivot power strip, you can easily plug in your wall warts. Plug in your wall wart and pivot the power strip until the adapter is not blocking the next outlet. If you have a lot of wall warts, then you seriously need to consider this surge protector.

The overall construction is just okay and the plastic looks like it’s going to hold up. There’s an on/off power button on the side near the power cord and when you turn it on, the area around the button will emit a blue glow. You’re not going to see any Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval but it does have a certification from ETL which conducts their testing according to UL standards.

Any Issues?

The Quirky power strip doesn’t work quite well with a right angle plug when you hang it against a wall. Due to its flat head, a right angle plug will not be able to use the outlet if you have another plug that’s above or below it.

Remember the blue glow light when you turn this surge protector on? This blue light is as bright as your nightlight and you might probably get annoyed with it especially if you’re using it in a darker room.

Consumer Reviews

As of now, the Quirky pivot power strip has a good number of consumer reviews. The flexible design and its pivoting capability is the most admired feature of this surge protector. The 672 joules surge protection rating is not that huge but it’s still better than having no protection at all (at least they’re a true surge protector).

What’s Next?

Do you have anything to add in this Quirky pivot power strip review? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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Mediabridge IntelliSurge Review

Mediabridge Surge ProtectorThe Mediabridge 8-Outlet IntelliSurge will obviously have 8 AC outlets and a whole lot of other useful features that we’ll discuss shortly.

First of all, is this power strip a real surge protector? There are many power strips out there are claiming to be surge protectors eventhough they’re not. If you want a surge protector, then look for the joules rating so you can be sure that you’re getting a legit one. In our case, the Mediabridge 8-outlet power strip does have a very high surge protection rating of 3600 joules which is an ideal rating for protecting your sensitive high end equipment like your HDTV and personal computer.

Another thing that I like about this surge protector is that they reveal all the critical technical specs. You’re already familiar with their 3600 joules surge rating, right? Another important factor is the UL clamping voltage of 330V. You want a higher number for a joules rating but when it comes to the clamping voltage, a lower number is what you want because it means better surge protection and a clamping voltage of 330V is the standard let through voltage for 120V AC equipment.

Another advantage and critical spec of the Mediabridge IntelliSurge is the response time which is less than 1 nanosecond. The response time indicates the length of the time your equipment is being exposed to the surge and having a response time of less than 1 nanosecond is one of the things to look for in a good surge protector.

There are still a lot of specs but the clamping voltage and response time are worth mentioning here. You can check out its Amazon.com product description page for the complete specs.

The Mediabridge IntelliSurge surge arrestor is also certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and this will make you feel confident that this unit is built with the highest quality and meets the strict standards. There many cheaply made surge protectors out there that don’t have any UL certifications and it’s really hard to risk whether it will truly be safe and be able to protect your devices.

It’s interesting that Mediabridge uses a gas discharge tube (GDT) instead of a metal oxide varistor (MOV) that you see on many surge protectors for directing the power spike.  Both perform the same job of shunting the surges to the ground but they differ on their process.

Basically, GDT is classified as a crowbar unit which goes to a short circuit when it trips and the MOV is a clamping unit which does not short circuit when it’s tripped. A GDT will have a really low voltage drop while in the tripped state and this means that it can take in a massive load of current without wasting a lot of power. And because of this, GDTs are considered for those really high power surges.

Another neat thing about the Mediabridge IntelliSurge power strip is the switching mechanism, the auto-on/off intellisurge. Basically you have one master outlet and 5 slave outlets. For example, if you plug in your TV in the master outlet and switch it on, the 5 slave outlets will automatically turn on. Turn the TV off, and the slave outlets (labeled energy saver) will also automatically turn off.

Take note that if the master outlet doesn’t have anything plugged in, you must turn OFF the energy saver function (switch it to the surge protection only mode) so you can use it as a regular surge protector. If you fail to do this, then it might cause some damage to your power strip.

Any Issues?

The 5 energy saver AC outlets doesn’t have enough space to accommodate your bigger wall wart adapters. However, there are still 2 AC outlets that have a bigger space so you can plug in your wall warts.

Also you need to be cautious at what equipment you plug in the master outlet. If you have a laptop that goes idle or a television that goes dark even for a second, then it will draw in very little power and this will cause the devices in the energy saver outlets to also turn off even when the device in your master outlet is still on. This can be problematic for some setups but this can be solved by plugging a device that doesn’t have any standby or idle status.

Consumer Reviews

The Mediabridge IntelliSurge already has some reviews and people are generally satisfied with its performance. It can be argued that this is a premium surge protector at a very affordable price.

What’s Next?

Do you have any experience with this surge protector? Want anything to add in this Mediabridge IntelliSurge review? Let your thoughts be heard by leaving a comment below.