Belkin 10-Outlet Metal Surge Master Review

Belkin 10-Outlet Metal Surge Master with 15-Foot CableThe Belkin 10-outlet Metal Surge Master is another one of those surge protectors that you should definitely consider.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at why many people are giving this power strip a favorable rating. Also my review wouldn’t be complete without letting you know of the potential issues you might face when getting it.

First off, the construction of this surge protector is very solid as it is built from a thick metal. It’s not really the heaviest gauge of sheet metal that you will see on a surge protector but it’s going to be strong enough if you’re going to use it in your workshop.

It’s a bit heavy as it weighs at around 4 pounds and the benefit of having that weight is that there are going to be less chances of the strip being tripped over. Another benefit of having a metal housing is that it’s going to be far more durable than the power strips that have some cheap plastic housing.

However, you should be aware that only the top and side portion of the Belkin Surge Master are made up of metal while the back looks like that it’s made up of a hard plastic.

The unit has a very light gray color and measures just over 12 inches in length. It also has a 15-foot long heavy duty cord which really allows you to put your equipment over an area that has no wall outlets without using any extension cords. The thick cord makes it difficult to bend, thus making it last a lot longer. It doesn’t have a flat 90-degree plug but instead it has a 3-prong plug.

The space between each of the outlets is just wide enough. This allows you to plug in your bigger adapters without crowding the other outlets. So if you have 10 wall warts on hand then you can be confident that you’ll be able to plug in all of them in this strip.

The power switch will emit a bright orange color to let you know that it’s ready to perform and it also has that quality feel to it when you switch it on and off.

You can mount it on the wall if you like because it has 4 wall mounts on its back.

Keep in mind that the Belkin F9D1000-15 is just your regular surge protector and not a line conditioner. If you’re going to hook up some sensitive equipment you might want to get an uninterruptable power supply (UPS) and a line conditioner.

The surge protection is just enough as it’s rated at 1,080 Joules although there are power strips that provide you with more Joules rating like the Tripp Lite TLP810NET. There’s an indicator light that will let you know if the surge protection feature is properly working.

Any Issues?

The overall aesthetics of the Belkin surge protector is not very appealing as it looks like that it was made during the 1980s. As you can see, this isn’t really a huge deal breaker as most of the time it remains hidden at the back of your equipment.

If you have a small office then you might not appreciate the long 15-foot heavy duty cord.

Consumer Reviews

A lot of consumers are generally satisfied with its overall performance. If you have a lot of things to plug in within a single area or you have a lot of gadgets to charge, then this is a very ideal surge protector to have. It has a very affordable price without compromising the overall quality.

What’s Next?

Hopefully you’re going to make the right decision after reading this article. Do you have anything that you want to comment about this Belkin 10-outlet Metal Surge Master review? Let me know by leaving your comment below.

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