Belkin 12-Outlet Surge Protector Review

Belkin 12-Outlet Surge ProtectorIn this Belkin 12-outlet surge protector review, we’re going to discuss the many benefits that this power strip can provide you. Of course if there’s an issue about this device then you’ll definitely know about it as well. Keep on reading and hopefully you’re going to make the right decision with this surge protector.

This Belkin 12-outlet surge protector is actually a newer model and the exact model numbers for this power strip are BV112234-08 (8 feet cord) and BV112234-10 (10 feet cord). It’s important for you to know the exact model that I’m reviewing because there are other similar models in for Belkin’s 12-outlet power strip. I chose this particular device because unlike the others, this one has a few additional features and more consumer reviews.

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12 Outlet Protection

The Belkin BV112234-08 surge protector will let you plug in up to 12 electrical devices with the use of only one AC outlet. All of the 12 outlets have a 3-prong plug receptacle and it’s basically a large power strip with a lot of outlets that you can use. There’s going to be 6 large blockspace outlets so you can plug in your bigger power adapters without blocking the neighboring outlets.

Surge Protection

This power strip is rated to hold off a voltage spike of up to 4,000 joules. It uses a complete 3-line AC protection that is specifically designed to protect your sensitive and expensive electronic devices.

Inside the Belkin BV112234-08 are huge metal oxide varistors (also known as MOVs) and basically they’re responsible for absorbing the excess electricity that can potentially damage your electronics.

Additionally, this strip will protect you from the damage that can go through your internet cable, television and phone lines. You can see the in and out receptacle for the internet cable (RJ45) on top and on the side are the phone line input and a splitter for 2 phone outputs which is useful if you want to protect your phone and fax. Also on the side you’ll find the TV line in and line out coax cable connection.

I would still recommend that you install a dedicated whole house surge protector. Do not rely entirely on this power strip for all of your surge protection needs even if it’s really effective.

Built and Design

I’ve seen a good number of power strips and the appearance of this surge protector is actually somewhat different (in a nice way). The quality of the build is very high as well as the engineering that went into it.

It measures 13.75 inches (L) x 4.75 inches (W) x 1.25 inches (H). It has a white color on top which is nice as it makes the dust less obvious and a dark shade on the bottom and on its sides. There are mounting holes on the back so you can easily install the strip against the wall or on the side of your desk.

Length of the cord (at 8 feet or 10 feet) is going to be pretty adequate for many uses. The plug is very convenient as it has a 90-degree low profile design which is helpful if you’re going to put any type of furniture directly up against the plug.

You wouldn’t see any bright glow of the power light unless you’re looking directly on top of the strip. You will like this feature if you have some issues with a bright indicator light especially at night or if you have a dark room.

Another plus point is that you won’t hear any of that annoying humming sound that you can find on a lot of super cheap power strips.

You might feel that the power switch is somewhat loose but it still gives a good on/off feel. It’s also recessed so you lessen the risk of nudging it and accidentally shutting down the strip.

Consumer Reviews – Is It Effective?

Is the Belkin BV112234-08 really effective in protecting your equipment from voltage spikes? Well, the short answer is yes.

Fortunately, you can check out some of the consumer testimonials over at that show how effective this power strip is when it comes to safeguarding your electronics from power surges.

There was this one guy who is having some issues with power surges that comes from his service panel and the power company. He also had this crazy electronics setup and this Belkin power strip did its job in handling a huge voltage spike in their area. The power strip was actually damaged in the process but his sensitive electronics were saved from the damage.

Any Issues?

Like I’ve mentioned before, the power button seems a bit loose. You might also notice that the side plugs are a bit challenging to use as you have to exert some extra effort in order to get it in. The unit itself can be quite long and wide and this is a potential issue especially if you’re putting this into a really small area.

What’s Next?

Hopefully this Belkin 12-outlet surge protector review helped you in making the right decision. Do you want to add something to this Belkin 12-outlet surge protector review? It would be great if you could leave your comment below. Thanks!

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