Belkin BSV300TTCW Review

Belkin BSV300TTCW Surge ProtectorThe Belkin BSV300TTCW is a surge protector that you can easily mount on your wall outlet. It has 3 outlets that will provide you with 540 joules of surge protection. When you shop around for a power strip, make sure that it offers some surge protection. It’s very important that you take note of this since not all power strips are going to be surge protectors.

Like I’ve mentioned, this surge protector is not your average power strip as you can install it through a wall outlet. If you have an outlet with a single or double plugs then you can turn that into a 3-plug wall outlet with an included surge protection capability.

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Aside from the 3 outlets, you will also have access to 2 USB charging ports that have 2.4amps each and this is one of the things that I love about this device.

You will notice that a lot of gadgets that are currently being used are needed to be charged through a USB cable but the problem is that you won’t get any wall adapter. It’s such an inconvenience to look for a wall adapter or charge your gadget into a computer and that’s why this surge protector is definitely going to make your life a little easier as there are usb charging ports already included.

A very nice feature that you will appreciate about the Belkin BSV300TTCW is the rubberized cradle or tray that you’ll find on top of the unit. This is very useful for resting your smartphone or a small tablet on top of the surge protector while leaning against your wall when you are charging it on the USB ports.

Installation is pretty simple and easy. You cannot be lazy when it comes to installing this by simply plugging it on your wall outlet. It will probably fit but this power strip actually has a small plastic piece sticking out on its back that should go into a top outlet (cutting it off would probably affect your warranty claims).

Take note that this unit will not cover an entire 2-plug outlet but this is not really a huge issue as you can easily remove the center screw from the cover plate. Leave the cover plate alone then you just simply mount the Belkin surge protector over the cover plate by using the hole for the center screw.

Any Issues?

Something that will make you think twice about this surge protector is if you have wall outlets that do not have any center screw on the cover plate. You can still use the Belkin BSV300TTCW for this situation by backing out its screw until the unit is nice and flat against the outlet but obviously it’s not going to be as stable as when you have it mounted using a screw.

Consumer Reviews

Currently there are consumer reviews for the Belkin BSV300TTCW and a good number of people are satisfied with its performance. People are pleased with the 3-outlets that provide over 500 joules of surge protection. Additionally, the 2 usb charging ports can adequately charge your cellphones and tablets. You can also use it as a portable power strip or as a permanent fixture for your chosen outlet.

What’s Next?

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