Belkin Travel Rockstar Review

Belkin Travel RockstarThe Belkin Travel Rockstar (BST301tt) has 2 AC outlets and 1 usb charging port with a 2A output. It’s a very compact device which makes it very ideal for individuals who travel a lot. Its overall length is only at 5 inches, the height and width is 2.66 and 1.6 inches respectively.

Another advantage of this device over the other similar products is that it has a built in battery pack that has 3000 mAh power capacity. This will easily allow you to charge any of your usb powered devices even without any access to an AC outlet.

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You’re probably not that interested with its surge protection capabilities because you’re after its mobile charging features and it’s perfectly understandable. I just want to inform you that not all devices can be considered as a surge protector. First thing to look out for is the number of joules rating, the higher the better and if you do not see that rating then it’s not a surge protector.

The neat thing is that the 2 AC outlets do have a surge protection rating of 615 joules which can protect your small basic appliances. It’s not a lot but it’s still better than having no protection at all and it plugs through your outlet in a vertical position. If you have 2 wall outlets, then you can plug this unit on the lower outlet so you can still use the top one.

Like I’ve mentioned before, the Belkin Travel Rockstar only has one usb charging port. Good thing it has a high current output of 2A which allows for faster charging. It would be nice if the single usb port goes up to 2.4A but it will still do its job in charging your tablets and charging your smartphones will be a breeze. Charging your iPhone with the Belkin unplugged will probably give a 15% charge in 30 minutes.

The 3000 mAh battery pack holds power and will only provide power to your USB powered devices. There will be a small button on the right area of the 4 lights and you must press that button so you can get the battery pack to function.

The way it’s set up and using it is just very intuitive as you simply plug it in. You won’t find any confusing instructions. There will be a card that will teach you how to work with the level button so you can see how much power is left, where you can plug your usb device and things that you should not plug in like your high powered appliances.

Any Issues?

One annoying issue with the Belkin Travel Rockstar is the foldable prongs on its side, it’s really challenging to fold the prongs back out. However, the stiffness on the prongs is understandable as you might plug in some heavy power cords into it but it would be a good design if there was an easy way to fold the prongs back out, like a piece of lace or just a few inches of space so your fingers would have more room to pull it back out.

Consumer Reviews

The Belkin Travel Rockstar gained some attention back in 2015 and currently it has a good amount of consumer reviews with a positive satisfaction rating. It’s a perfect traveling companion as it has a small footprint with just the right amount of weight so you can easily stash it in your pocket or bag.

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