Bestek Portable Travel Adapter Review

Bestek Portable Travel AdapterThe Bestek portable travel adapter is a step-down power converter that will convert power from 220V down to 110V. There are also 4 usb charging ports which have a maximum output of 6A.

These usb ports are isolated from the AC outlets for your gadget’s safety. There are a couple of ports that have 2.4A each and you can use this for fast charging your tablets and another 2 usb ports that have 1A for your cellphones and other usb devices.

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There are 3 adapter support outlets that will be compatible for USA, UK, China and other international countries. As you can see it’s very portable and you can easily bring it anywhere you go. It has surge protection capabilities that will safeguard your devices from damaging surges. There will also be cooling fans that will protect the travel adapter from overheating.

The packaging of the Bestek portable travel adapter is pretty simple. It will be on a small box with some bubble wrap that contains all of the included components; power cord, charger and the 3 international adapters.

The charger has a very solid feel and it’s actually a little heavy. The most obvious reason for its weight would probably because of the step down transformer which is responsible for converting your 220V down to 110V. The unit’s size is just right and the weight is probably just over a pound. The overall dimensions are not that really huge and can easily fit in your carry on luggage.

Charging multiple devices using the Bestek travel adapter will have no issues. Obviously the charger will heat up a little but this is totally expected since it’s a power converter. The good thing though is that this unit has dual cooling fans that will keep the charger pretty cool which is really helpful since it has a small size.

Any Issues

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, there are going to be cooling fans in this adapter. However, the cooling fans will probably be a bit bothersome for you as some people commented that the sound is something like from a space ship. You might probably get used to the sound but it can get annoying for some if you’re in a really quiet area especially if you have some wooden or tile flooring.

Overall, people didn’t mind the sound of the fans because the value it provides weighed so much more than the noise.

Also the cord’s design could be improved as it’s not that easy to fold it back into the case.

Consumer Reviews

There are consumers that were satisfied with the performance of the Bestek portable travel adapter. At the end of the day it does its job of converting from 220V to 110V. The  3 socket adapters are also a nice addition so you can use it for a variety of scenarios and in different countries.

You also have 3 outlets and 4 USB charging ports which are perfectly ideal for charging a number of your devices. Lastly, it has a compact size which makes very ideal for frequent travelers.

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