Coocheer Home/Office Power Strip Review

Coocheer Home/office Power StripThe Coocheer power strip has 8 3-prong AC outlets and 5 usb charging ports. It seems that there was an earlier version of this product and it was under the name EliveBuy.

I’m not sure when this power strip was first available over at It seems that it started getting some consumer reviews during the first quarter of 2015. This is also the first time I’ve heard of the Coocheer brand and it was nice to see that they have an online presence at

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According to the about us page on their company website, they take pride in giving high quality products and developing innovations. Their products include power chargers, LED lights, Bluetooth technology and other related accessories. But is the Coocheer home/office power strip going to be a worthwhile purchase?

If you read the product description page on, you’ll learn that this power strip is also a surge protector. However, I know that not all power strips can be considered as surge protectors. The first thing I look for to determine if a power strip is a surge protector is the joules rating.

The product description did not mention any joules rating for this power strip and so I thought that this is another one of those power strips that are posing as a surge protector. Eventually I found out that it actually has a surge protection rating of 1700 joules and you can find this information on the back of the unit.

The 5 usb charging ports will have smart features that will automatically self-adjust the power output to whatever gadget you’re charging. This will avoid any issues with compatibility and will provide the right amount of power for any device you plug in.

The Coocheer surge protector feels well built and its power rating at 1250W will be ideal for normal usage but you don’t want to plug any equipment that draws in a lot of power like an infrared heater that eats up 1800 watts.

The power cord is a little over 4 feet long and it’s a lot thinner than the heavy duty power cords that you’ll see on many power strips. The power switch is just beside the unit where the cord is connected and it doesn’t have any indicator light.

Any Issues?

It would be nice if the AC outlets are not facing each other. If you have transformers or wall warts, then it will definitely block the outlet on the opposite side. Even if the outlets are facing outward, it would also be nice if there’s going to be enough space so you can plug in your bigger adapters.

For those of you who are concerned with safety certifications, you won’t find any UL listings about it as it’s made from China. However, it doesn’t mean that it won’t give you a high quality performance.

Consumer Reviews

Overall, there are people who are satisfied with the performance of the Coocheer home/office power strip. If you have some usb adaptors and power strips then this power strip will definitely reduce the amount of clutter that you have on your desk. This power strip is very much ideal for someone who is living on an apartment with an inadequate number of outlets.

What’s Next?

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