CyberPower CSP604U Power Strip Review

CyberPower CSP604U Surge ProtectorThe CyberPower CSP604U is a surge protector with 6 AC outlets and 2 usb charging ports.

Take note that this is a power strip and a surge protector at the same time. It’s important to be aware that not all power strips are going to be surge protectors. If you want your equipment to be protected then make sure that you’re buying a real surge protector and not just a power strip.

One quick and easy way to tell if a power strip is a surge protector is if it has a joules rating. The CyberPower CSP604U has a surge protection rating of 1,200 joules which is going to provide ample surge protection to your equipment. Additionally it also has some noise filtration capabilities that will help your components perform at their peak and will extend its lifespan.

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There are 2 usb charging ports that will provide 5V of power at 2.1A (shared). Like I’ve mentioned, there are 6 AC outlets in this power strip but it doesn’t have any snapping covers for the outlets that you’re not using. Also you’re going to notice that the outlets doesn’t have enough spacing to accommodate your bigger adapters and transformers.

There’s an on/off power switch and a green light indicator that will monitor the status of your surge protection. The green light is not overly bright which you will appreciate if you don’t want any glare in a dark room.

There are mounting holes on the back of this power strip so you can easily install this against your wall if you want. If you’re not used to DIY stuff, then get a blank paper so you can create a template for the pattern of the holes. Then stick your template to the wall and put the screws into the correct position for installation.

The cord is only 4 feet and this would be very much ideal if you want a cord that’s not that long. The low profile plug has a flat 3-prong design with a 45 degree right angle offset.

Any Issues?

Some people love the short cord and some want a longer cord. If you want a longer cord, then you might think twice on getting this power strip because it only has a 4 foot cord.

Like I’ve mentioned before, the outlets are not spaced enough for wall warts and transformers. If you’re planning to plug in some big adapters then you’ll have to block the other outlets. It’s better you get a surge protector that has enough spacing for your bigger adapters.

Also take note that the usb ports are going to be on shared power. Basically that means if you’re going to plug 2 devices at the same time, the 2.1A will be shared between the 2 devices and this can mean slower charging times.

Consumer Reviews

The CyberPower CSP604U has some consumer reviews over at and generally people are satisfied with its overall performance. The aesthetic design, thin profile and surge protection capabilities of this surge protector were among the many reasons why people bought it. It’s a good power strip with the right price and a higher joules rating than many of its competitors.

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