DBPOWER 6-Outlet Power Strip Review

DBPOWER USB Power StripThe DBPOWER strip has just been released recently and was first available on Amazon.com back in 2015.

It has 6 AC outlets and this is going to be ideal for your household appliances, computers and other devices. Aside from the outlets there are going to be 6 usb charging ports where you can charge different gadgets at the same time.

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This power strip from DBPOWER has a 12 month warranty and according to them, they also provide a wonderful customer service. The build material is made up from a fire resistant PC shell which is really important to prevent any untoward fire accidents.

This power strip has 6 outlets and they claim that it’s also a surge protected unit. It seems that the term, surge protector and power strip are being used loosely when it comes to this type of product. There’s actually a difference between the two and if you’re not informed, you can make a wrong decision that will also result in having the wrong expectations.

DBPOWER indicates that this power strip is surge protected but I think it cannot be considered as a surge protector. To be considered as one, the power strip must have a joules rating and a good rating would be from 99-700 joules (the higher the rating, the better). I’ve tried to look for a joules rating for this particular power strip but I cannot find any and that’s why in my opinion I don’t really consider this to be a surge protector.

According to its product description, what it does have is protection from over voltages and short circuits. In my opinion, even if it’s not a surge protector it’s still better to have some sort of protection from any power spikes and circuit failures.

The 6 usb charging ports are going to cater two different types of devices; 4 ports will have 5V/1A which is for your cellphones and the remaining two ports will have 5V/2.4A which is for your tablets.

This power strip is somewhat light and has a compact feel but there’s a chance that you might think that it’s bigger for your needs.

Any Issues?

One improvement that would be nice for the DBPOWER strip is to have some mounting holes on its back. Many of the similar power strips have mounting holes and so I was wondering why this one doesn’t have any.

The positioning of the outlets would also be nice if they were positioned the other way around. This is not an issue if the equipment or device you’re plugging in has a straight plug. However, if you have some bigger adapters like wall warts or a flat 90-degree plug design, the cord is going to cover or block the usb charging ports.

Consumer Reviews

The DBPOWER 6-outlet strip is just a new product but it’s already got some consumer reviews over at Amazon.com. People were very appreciative of the fact that it has 6 outlets plus another 6 usb charging ports. This is also the first time I’ve seen a power strip that provides a lot of usb charging ports as many of the similar power strips only have a few.

They also love the compact size of this strip eventhough you can plug a lot of your devices in it. Another feature that they like is the on/off power switch and the heavy duty black power cord.

What’s Next?

Hopefully after reading this article you’re going to make the right decision about this product. Do you have anything to add in this DBPOWER USB power strip review? Let your thoughts be heard and leave a comment below.

Check Price of DBPower on Amazon.com

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