EZOPower Surge Protector Review

In this EZOPower surge protector review, we’re going to take a look at their 3 products and hopefully you’re going to make the right decision after reading this article. Let’s get started.

EZOPower 4200 Joule Surge Protector

EZOPower 4200-Joule Surge ProtectorThe EZOPower 4200 joule surge protector is a power strip that has 2 AC outlets and 4 usb charging ports at 6.8A. These usb ports have smart functionality which means that the port will automatically detect what device you plugged in and will adjust itself with the right current.

It’s nice that the 2 outlets have enough space in between them. This will be perfect if you’re plugging in your bigger adapters because you don’t have to block the other outlet. The usb charging ports will have 2 ports for high output at 2.4A and the other 2 ports have 1A each which will be ideal for all cellphones, mp3 players and for your other usb devices.

It’s a very well made product, very compact and lightweight so you can easily take it anywhere you like. There’s an indicator light to indicate if there’s power available. You can also detach the power cord from the unit to easily store it if you don’t need it.

Currently this unit has consumer reviews at Amazon.com. You would probably be interested with this power strip because of its very high surge protection rating of 4200 joules. However, if you take this unit apart and look inside it’s really hard to see where the surge protection takes place. It would be nice if this unit has some FCC and UL certifications in order to make sure that it’s at least up to standards.

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EZOPower 3-Outlet Wall Mount Surge Protector

EZOPower 3-Outlet Surge ProtectorThis EZOPower wall mount surge protector has 3 AC outlets and 2 usb charging ports that you can directly mount against your wall. A neat addition to this unit is the two foldable holders for your phones or other small gadgets. These holders will extend out from the sides so you don’t have to put the things you’re charging on the floor while it’s getting charged.

According to their product description, this unit is UL certified which is nice as it makes you confident that it’s been approved to keep your electronics safe. This unit will also protect the equipment that you’re charging from damaging power fluctuations as it has a surge protection rating of 540 joules.

There’s 30dB noise filtering feature that will help your components perform at their peak and increase their longevity. A green indicator light will notify you if the outlets are protected from potential surges.

It has a really nice build quality, all plastic but you can feel that it’s pretty solid and sturdy. You can easily mount this into your wall using the screw that’s included but there’s also a possibility that your wall outlet won’t have the same orientation to install this unit easily.

The 2 usb charging ports will not provide enough power to charge 2 tablets simultaneously at full speed. This unit will accommodate bigger adapters but it would block the other outlet and the usb ports.

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EZOPower Desktop Charging Station

EZOPower Desktop Charging StationThe EZOPower charging station has 3 AC outlets and 3 usb charging ports. There’s going to be a slot where you can put your gadget while it’s charging. It’s specified in the Amazon.com product description that this unit has passed the safety standard certification of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) so you can be sure that it will keep your equipment safe.

I can also see that it’s been labeled as a surge protector but I don’t see any joules rating so I would say that it’s not a true surge protector. Out of the 3 outlets, one outlet is separated from the other two and I love this design because it allows you to plug in at least one big wall wart adapter without blocking the other outlets or the usb ports.

There’s no on/off power switch in this unit, you just plug it in to start using it. There are 2 green indicator lights that will notify you if the unit is grounded and protected from potential power surges. The length of the heavy duty power cord is over 5 feet and its plug has a straight 3-prong design.

You might have an issue with the power cord because it’s very thick. It can be a bit challenging to make the EZOPower charging station to lay flat on your table or on the ground. Also like I’ve mentioned, there’s only one outlet for large adapters so this is not really ideal if you have a lot of wall warts.

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