FlePow Power Strip Review

In this Flepow power strip review, we’re going to take a look at 2 of their products. These products are similar in nature and the only main difference is in their number of plugs and USB charging ports. Of course we’re going to take in a closer look at each of the products in order to give you enough information to make your decision. Let’s get started.

Flepow Power Strip with 3 AC Plugs and 2 USB Ports

FlePow Power Strip 1875W 3 AC Plugs and 2 USB Multi Outlet ChargerThe FlePow 3367481 power strip has 3 AC plugs and 2 USB charging ports. It claims that it’s a surge protector but I don’t see any Joules rating for this power strip. What it does have is an overload protection button at the base and this is supposedly for the surge protection. If you experience any surges, the Flepow power strip will stop working so your devices can be protected from surges.

The 3 outlets are going to be on each side of the power strip and it has enough space to plug in your adapters regardless of its size. The smart dual USB ports will automatically detect the gadget that you’ve plugged in and it will adjust the output voltage itself (5V 2.1A/1A).

The power strip has small footprint; dimensions are 4.92 inches x 3.35 inches x 4.33 inches. You can easily place this in your work area as it has a pleasing black and white design. It’s designed not to be hidden on the back of your furniture and you can definitely display it on your desk or on your countertop if you like.

It’s made from high quality plastic which is fireproof and has a PVC copper cord which is going to be very durable. There’s a sliding board for the USB ports so it will be protected from dust and moisture to avoid the ports from getting rusty. There’s also a nice addition of a support plate at the back for added stability.

One of the issues that you might not like is the button for the on/off switch. When the unit is on, the button will emit a bright light which might be annoying for your preference.

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Flepow Power Strip with 2 AC Plugs and 4 USB Ports

FlePow Power Strip with 2 AC Plugs and 4 USB Charger PortsThe Flepow 3215213 power strip has 2 AC plugs but this time it has 4 USB charging ports. This power strip has a surge protection rating of 1700 Joules which is a really good rating for protecting the devices that you’re going to plug in. This is very ideal if you travel a lot as the electricity in hotels can definitely fluctuate and damage your sensitive electronics.

Some power strips have different placements for the USB ports but in this particular product, the ports are on the side. I like that design because the charging cords are going to be nicely laid out on the side. Compare this if you have the ports on top as the cords are just going to protrude from the top.

The cord is moderately thick, measures about 5 feet in length which is more than enough length to go behind your nightstand and to your plug. It has a 3-prong plug design and a hard black plastic exterior. It’s smaller than your regular power strips (6.7 inches x 2.4 inches x 1.6 inches) considering it only has 2 outlets but one advantage it has over the other similar strips is that it has 4 USB ports so you can charge multiple devices at a fast rate.

It doesn’t have that cheap feel like many of the products made in China but the overall build quality is still doubtful. For example you might notice that the USB ports are kinda misaligned and ultimately it won’t look that much pleasant when you plug in your cords. The manual is not written very well although you probably won’t need to rely on it.

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