iEGrow Power Strip Review

iEGrow Power StripThe iEGrow power strip quickly caught my attention mainly because of its unique LCD display. Of course appearance is nothing if it won’t deliver and so I decided to take a closer look in order to see if this unit is really going to be a worthwhile purchase.

The iEGrow power strip has 2 AC outlets and 8 usb charging ports (they also have a 6-port version). The usb ports have some smart features wherein they can automatically detect the gadget you’re charging and adjust itself to provide the right current.

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Before we dive in any further, let’s talk about if this power strip is going to protect you from power surges. Its product description over at indicates that this is a surge protector. The thing is not all power strips are going to be surge protectors. They must have a joules rating to be considered as one and I cannot seem to find any joules rating for the iEGrow power strip.

According to them, this power strip uses high quality microchips and even incorporated some failsafes. They also have some circuit protection system in place that will prevent any overvoltages, overheating and short circuiting.

Even with all of this safety information, I would still be more at ease when I see the joules rating. I don’t even know if it has some metal oxide varistors (MOV) which is the one responsible for directing transient power surges away from your device. Anyway, just keep in mind that unless you see a joules rating, it’s only considered as a power strip.

The two AC outlets have enough spacing to plug in your bigger adapters without blocking the other outlet. Also these outlets can accommodate a lot of those international plug sets. If you look at the back side of its box, you will see a complete list of all of the compatible international plugs. And like I’ve mentioned earlier, the LCD display is neat as it allows you to view the voltage and amps while you’re charging the devices.

There are two versions of the iEGrow power strip, there’s a 6-port and an 8-port version. The spacing of the outlets on the 6-port unit is not that enough in my opinion and I have a feeling that it would be a challenge to plug in your bigger wall warts. The 6-port also doesn’t have any LCD display to let you monitor the different voltages and amperes while you’re charging. Both of the versions will have a slot for holding your gadgets while charging.

Any Issues?

Like I’ve mentioned above, this power strip doesn’t have a joules rating so it’s not really a surge protector. Although there are built-in safety features in this unit that will help prevent overvoltages and other similar hazards. They also claim that they are certified by CE and FCC.

Also take note that this power strip needs to plugged into a standard American outlet. If you travel a lot and need power strip then you might think twice about this unit as it’s only going to be perfectly ideal for US residents.

Consumer Reviews

The iEGrow power strip was first available back in November 2015 and currently it has some reviews with a satisfactory consumer rating.

What’s Next?

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