Intermatic IG2240-IMS Review

Intermatic IG2240-IMSThe Intermatic IG2240-IMS is something different from your regular whole house surge protectors.

In this review, we’re going to take a look at what this device has to offer when it comes to protecting your house.


The Intermatic IG2240-IMS is a whole house surge protector but it can also function as a type-1 surge suppressor device.

This device uses replaceable consumable modules that will allow you to easily and safely replace a module when it’s already degraded or compromised by the surge. The unit weighs just over 6 pounds and its dimensions are 10.8 x 3.8 x 10 inches.

What type of SPD?

Like you’ve read earlier, the Intermatic IG2240-IMS is a whole house surge protector. This is also known as a type-2 SPD and basically this unit can be installed on the load side of the main service entrance (breaker panel).

This SPD from Intermatic is also categorized as a type-1, also known as a secondary surge arrester. This time, a type-1 SPD is normally installed on the line side of the main service entrance (this is between your utility pole and where the electricity enters the service panel).

UL 1499 Listed

This surge protector is also fully compliant with the Underwriters Laboratories 1499 3rd edition. When you say that a surge suppressor is UL 1499 listed, this means that this device passed the safety and performance standards of the Underwriters Laboratories.

The 3rd edition provides the consumers with 3 improvements. First, the device has type-1 capabilities. Second is the addition of nominal discharge rating. For a consumer, you’ll now be able to compare a surge protector’s durability under a regulated test of the UL.

The third benefit that you’ll get from the UL 1499 3rd edition is the voltage protection rating (VPR). This was actually called the surge voltage rating (SVR).

Does Not Protect Against Lightning

Intermatic clearly indicates in their instructions that this surge protector does not protect against a direct lighting strike. If you ask any professional electrician, they will also tell you the same and back this disclosure.

However, the Intermatic IG2240-IMS does provide protection against nearby or indirect lightning strikes.

TPMOV Technology

When you read about the Intermatic IG2240-IMS, you might probably see that they use the TPMOV technology. So, what exactly is this technology and why does Intermatic think that this is important?

First, we need to quickly define what an MOV is. MOV stands for metal oxide varistor and basically it’s a semiconductor material that clamps down a voltage when it reaches a certain level.

TPMOV stands for Thermally Protected MOV and take note that this is not Intermatic’s own technology. The TPMOV is actually a technology patented by the Mersen Electrical Power and what it does is that it eliminates the typical failure modes that happen in real life applications with your typical metal oxide varistors (MOV).

What you have inside the TPMOV are two things. First is a voltage clamping device and the second feature is a disconnecting system that will monitor the health of the metal oxide disk.

According to Mersen, these two important features make the TPMOV technology a fail-safe device.

Replaceable modules

The one main thing that many people are raving about the Intermatic IG2240-IMS is that you can easily replace the surge modules when it’s already consumed.

The whole replacement process is just as easy as getting a cassette tape out and putting a new one in. When you remove a module, a door will snap close over the opening and it will not open until you push in a new module.

It’s easy to think that Intermatic is the only company providing this capability but when you search online for a surge protector with replaceable surge modules, you will actually see a few from Leviton.

But the one main difference of the Intermatic IG2240-IMS from the Leviton product line is the price. The Leviton surge panel with replaceable modules costs anywhere from $400 to over $1,000 while the Intermatic only costs over $200.

The Leviton HC277-M53 surge panel with replaceable modules is the only one in the $200-range but it doesn’t have any reviews yet.


As always, when it comes to installing any whole house surge protectors, you need to call your local licensed electrician. A professional installation will make sure that everything is going to be safe and you’ll also save yourself from a lot of trouble when it comes to the potential insurance or code problems in the future.

You can install the Intermatic IG2240-IMS inside your house just beside your breaker panel or outdoors. When installing the device indoors, then it’s recommended that you also get the flush mount kit so you can easily mount it in the wall.

The installation price will depend on how your house is laid out. So it’s best that you ask your local electrician first for the installation price before you even consider this device as it can easily double your budget, especially if you need it to be flush mounted in your wall.


Like many of the consumers, you will also probably be satisfied with the overall built of this surge protector. Many people compared its built to a tank. The junction box is made up of solid metal and has a semi gloss black coating with a basic recessed sprung sliding latch.

LED Indicator

Each of the consumable surge modules will have 2 individual LED lights. The blue LED will indicate its power and the green light tells you if the surge protection is still active. When the green light is not illuminating, then you need to replace the surge module with a new one.


When you decide to install this device, you might complain about the leads because they’re not that long.


The Intermatic IG2240-IMS has a 10-year limited warranty and a $25,000 connected equipment coverage warranty for 10 years on your appliances and electronics.

Hopefully this review helped you in making a decision with this whole house surge protector. If you have anything in mind, please leave a comment below.

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