iSelector 4320J Surge Protector Review

iSelector 4320J Surge ProtectorThe iSelector 4320J is a 5-outlet surge protector for your appliances, computers, components and other electrical equipment. There are also 2 usb charging ports that have a maximum 3.4A where you can charge your cellphones, tablets and other usb powered gadgets.

The usb ports also have some smart capabilities that will automatically detect and adjust the control of the current. This will allow you to charge your usb power devices at their optimal speed without experiencing issues with compatibility.

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Take note that not all power strips are going to be surge protectors. Some manufacturers are going to indicate that their products have some sort of protection from power surges but that won’t still determine if it’s a surge protector. The main thing to look out for if you really want a power strip with surge protection is the joules rating of the unit.

A good joules rating would be anywhere from 99 to 700 and the higher the number the better. In the case of iSelector 4320J, its surge protection feature is really high as it has a rating of 4,320 joules. If you like to take things apart, you’ll see that there’s actually some surge protection inside this power strip.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, the iSelector surge protector will give you a maximum of 3.4A. So if you have an iPhone 6 and a Kindle tablet, then you can charge them both at the same time as the iPhone will take up 2.4A while the Kindle is going to take in 1A. But if you try to charge two iPhones or any device that uses 2A, then your charging time is going to be at a slower rate.

This is a fairly expensive surge protector but it does provide you with a good number of features. There are individual power buttons for each of the 5 outlets and there’s also a main on/off switch button for the entire power strip. The body is made up of sturdy plastic and the switches are very easy to distinguish if it’s either in the on or off position. The 5 outlets also have enough separation so you can plug in your bigger adapters.

The LED indicator next to the usb charging ports will light up if the surge protector is in operation and it has nothing to do with the usb ports eventhough it’s next to it. The length of the cord is 53 inches which is longer than most and it’s heavy enough to not move around too much.

Any Issues?

It would be great if there’s going to be a light indicator for each of the individual outlets. Also a good user interface design would be to have the indicator light close to the main switch instead of being next to the usb ports.

I’ve mentioned earlier that you can easily tell if the switch is in the on or off position by clicking on them or by visual inspection. However, it can be quite difficult to tell if you’re looking at it from some distance and that’s why it would be nice to have individual lights for each of the outlets.

Consumer Reviews

The iSelector 4320J surge protector is gaining some popularity from consumers. People are very much satisfied with this product and it already has a favorable satisfaction rating. It has 5 adequately spaced 5 outlets and a high surge protection rating of 4,320 joules. There are only a couple of usb charging ports but has some smart functionality in it and gives you over 3A of charge.

What’s Next?

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