Kensington 62634 SmartSockets Review

Kensington 62634 SmartSocketsThe Kensington 62634 SmartSockets is a surge protected power strip that has 6 AC outlets but with no usb charging ports.

Do not buy any power strip surge protectors because not all of them are created equal. An important factor to look out for in a surge protector is the number of joules rating. You’re going to see a lot of power strips posing as a surge protector but you won’t see any joules rating.

Kensington 62634 is a real surge protector because they have a surge protection rating of 1500 joules. When it comes to the joules, the higher the number, the better and anything over 600 joules will definitely provide a good protection for your equipment.

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It’s a round surge protector where the 6 outlets are arranged in a circular design. The outlets have enough spacing so you can plug in your bigger adapaters without blocking the other outlets.

Its orientation is one of the advantages over other surge protectors, its compact design enables you to put this unit behind your equipment or simply on top of your desktop. The overall weight is heavy enough so it would be stable wherever you put it.

You’ll also notice that the 6 outlets are color coded which is really nice. However, when it comes to functionality, the color coding scheme doesn’t really provide any significant use because all of the outlets are simply connected to the same power. I believe that the colors are more for the aesthetic side of the unit and for remembering what equipment is plugged into what outlet.

It has an on/off power button switch in the center of the surge protector. The power button is not easily pushed which is nice for making sure that there won’t be any accidental switching. It also has an indicator light that will monitor the status of your surge protection.

The 16 foot power cord is a very good solution if you have a wall socket that is too far to use. The plug on this unit doesn’t have a strict flat design but it’s also not your regular plug either. The plug shape is similar to an egg cut in half where the cord comes out on the side. It’s more similar to a flat plug design where you can make it work behind a piece of furniture.

There’s a $50,000 connected equipment warranty and it has certifications from Underwriters Laboratories and the CSA.

Any Issues?

One issue with the Kensington 62634 is the expensive price. For its price, it would be nice if it has some neat features like a swiveling socket.

Also the design of this surge protector won’t work very well with adapters that have its body sitting at a right angle to the prongs instead of underneath it. If you think you have an adapter that has some irregular angles then you might think twice about purchasing this power strip.

You might like the long 16-foot power cord but you also might not like it. For some consumers, having a long power cord kind of defeats the purpose of having a compact surge protector.

Consumer Reviews

The Kensington 62634 already has some feedback from consumers with a favorable rating. They like the compact design as it can be easily used in a lot of different situation and the 16 foot power cord is more than enough length to reach any wall outlet. The overall look is another winner as it’s more aesthetically pleasing than your average lengthy surge protectors.

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