Mediabridge IntelliSurge Review

Mediabridge Surge ProtectorThe Mediabridge 8-Outlet IntelliSurge will obviously have 8 AC outlets and a whole lot of other useful features that we’ll discuss shortly.

First of all, is this power strip a real surge protector? There are many power strips out there are claiming to be surge protectors eventhough they’re not. If you want a surge protector, then look for the joules rating so you can be sure that you’re getting a legit one. In our case, the Mediabridge 8-outlet power strip does have a very high surge protection rating of 3600 joules which is an ideal rating for protecting your sensitive high end equipment like your HDTV and personal computer.

Another thing that I like about this surge protector is that they reveal all the critical technical specs. You’re already familiar with their 3600 joules surge rating, right? Another important factor is the UL clamping voltage of 330V. You want a higher number for a joules rating but when it comes to the clamping voltage, a lower number is what you want because it means better surge protection and a clamping voltage of 330V is the standard let through voltage for 120V AC equipment.

Another advantage and critical spec of the Mediabridge IntelliSurge is the response time which is less than 1 nanosecond. The response time indicates the length of the time your equipment is being exposed to the surge and having a response time of less than 1 nanosecond is one of the things to look for in a good surge protector.

There are still a lot of specs but the clamping voltage and response time are worth mentioning here. You can check out its product description page for the complete specs.

The Mediabridge IntelliSurge surge arrestor is also certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and this will make you feel confident that this unit is built with the highest quality and meets the strict standards. There many cheaply made surge protectors out there that don’t have any UL certifications and it’s really hard to risk whether it will truly be safe and be able to protect your devices.

It’s interesting that Mediabridge uses a gas discharge tube (GDT) instead of a metal oxide varistor (MOV) that you see on many surge protectors for directing the power spike.  Both perform the same job of shunting the surges to the ground but they differ on their process.

Basically, GDT is classified as a crowbar unit which goes to a short circuit when it trips and the MOV is a clamping unit which does not short circuit when it’s tripped. A GDT will have a really low voltage drop while in the tripped state and this means that it can take in a massive load of current without wasting a lot of power. And because of this, GDTs are considered for those really high power surges.

Another neat thing about the Mediabridge IntelliSurge power strip is the switching mechanism, the auto-on/off intellisurge. Basically you have one master outlet and 5 slave outlets. For example, if you plug in your TV in the master outlet and switch it on, the 5 slave outlets will automatically turn on. Turn the TV off, and the slave outlets (labeled energy saver) will also automatically turn off.

Take note that if the master outlet doesn’t have anything plugged in, you must turn OFF the energy saver function (switch it to the surge protection only mode) so you can use it as a regular surge protector. If you fail to do this, then it might cause some damage to your power strip.

Any Issues?

The 5 energy saver AC outlets doesn’t have enough space to accommodate your bigger wall wart adapters. However, there are still 2 AC outlets that have a bigger space so you can plug in your wall warts.

Also you need to be cautious at what equipment you plug in the master outlet. If you have a laptop that goes idle or a television that goes dark even for a second, then it will draw in very little power and this will cause the devices in the energy saver outlets to also turn off even when the device in your master outlet is still on. This can be problematic for some setups but this can be solved by plugging a device that doesn’t have any standby or idle status.

Consumer Reviews

The Mediabridge IntelliSurge already has some reviews and people are generally satisfied with its performance. It can be argued that this is a premium surge protector at a very affordable price.

What’s Next?

Do you have any experience with this surge protector? Want anything to add in this Mediabridge IntelliSurge review? Let your thoughts be heard by leaving a comment below.

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