Monster Cable MP AV 800 Review

Monster Cable MP AV 800The Monster Cable MP AV 800 has 8 AC outlets and 3 of those will have enough space to accommodate your bigger wall wart adapters. The outlets are color coded and will have some labels but honestly I’m not really that sold on the labels because not everyone will have the same equipment listed on the labels.

If you’re looking for a true surge protector, then you need to look for a joules rating, if you do not see any rating then it’s just a basic power strip with no protection against power surges. The Monster MP AV 800 has a very high surge protection rating of 1480 joules which is enough to provide protection for your equipment.

This unit does not have any surge protection for phone lines eventhough the graph on its product listing indicates that there is. However, it does have some surge protection for your coaxial cables. Additionally, it will give off an audible alert in case the unit received a power spike and have protected your equipment.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not too fond of the color coding schemes but there are some people who are going to benefit a lot from it. There are some included stickers so you can tag your power cords and this can save you a lot of time and frustration as you will easily know which device connects to the right outlet.

The length of the heavy duty power cord is at 8 feet and has a flat plug profile so you can easily plug it behind a piece of furniture. The prong contacts also has 24k gold for maximum conductivity of power and resistance from any corrosion.

With regards to the warranty, this surge protector has a $75,000 limited connected equipment warranty.

Any Issues?

There aren’t any real big issues with the Monster MP AV 800 Power Center but there are a few surge protectors that have the same price (or cheaper) and with more features than the Monster.

The surge protectors that I’m talking about are the APC P11VT3, APC P11VNT3 and the Belkin 8-Outlet (the cheapest). The surge protection rating of the Monster MP AV 800 is only 1480 joules but the 3 units I’ve mentioned have a higher joules rating. Another thing you should consider is that the Monster does not have any phone line protection and the surge protectors from APC and Belkin do include surge protection for your phone lines. Also there are going to be more outlets (11 AC outlets) for the APC surge protectors compared to just 8 AC outlets for this particular Monster unit.

These are just some of the most important and significant comparisons between these surge protectors and obviously it will be up to you to make the right decision.

Consumer Reviews

As of now there’s a good amount of reviews for the Monster Cable MP AV 800 surge protector. Generally, people were satisfied with its overall performance as it has a favorable consumer satisfaction rating. But like I’ve mentioned, there are going to be a few surge protectors out there that provide a much more competitive price and with a lot more features to offer.

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