Monster MP HT 800G Review

Monster MP HT 800G Surge ProtectorThe Monster MP HT 800G power strip has 8 AC outlets and 3 of those 8 outlets are widely spaced to accommodate your bigger power adapters.

I’d like to remind you that not all power strips are going to be surge protectors but I quickly saw that this device will truly protect your equipment from damaging power spikes. First thing that you have to look out for is the number of joules rating, the higher the better.

In the case of this Monster power strip, it has a high surge protection rating of 2160 joules. A surge protector with over 2000 joules is an ideal rating for protecting your desktop computer, high-def television, component system, gaming consoles, etc from the transient power surges.

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There are 2 indicator lights that will notify you if the surge protection feature and the grounding are working perfectly. In case you experienced any power fluctuations, there will be an audible (alarm sound) notification that will tell you that your sensitive electronics have just been protected from damaging power spikes.

This power strip has what they call a GreenPower feature which basically will help you save energy. There’s a green power control AC outlet which serves as your master outlet and then there are 3 controlled outlets where the power can be controlled by the master outlet. If you have your television in the master outlet and switched it on, all of the equipment plugged in the other 3 greenpower controlled outlets will also turn on.

This feature is really beneficial if you have any type of setup. For example if you have a home theater system, then you just need to turn on your HDTV to activate your component system, gaming consoles and other equipment. Also if you have a desktop computer setup, then just turn your PC on and your printer, speakers, etc. will also turn on. Of course, if you turn off your equipment in the master outlet, then it will also turn off the devices that are plugged in your 3 controlled outlets.

The Monster MP HT 800G also has some capability to filter out any electrical noise which can degrade the performance of your equipment. If you’re experiencing any pixelation, static interference, reception issues from your electronics then you will definitely benefit from the noise filtering features of this surge protector.

What about its safety features? This surge protector claims that it has implemented a fireproof technology that will prevent any potential fire hazards. The regular surge protectors that you see will only have some plastic coating for their metal oxide varistors which can easily melt and catch fire. But with this Monster surge protector, their MOVs are stored in a ceramic enclosure that’s made up of a fireproof material. This is very helpful in giving you the peace of mind that your power strip won’t cause any fire hazard.

It has a lifetime product warranty and a maximum coverage of $500,000 according to their listing. I did some online searching and also found out that there’s a 5-year warranty period for the connected equipment damage. It’s best to contact them in order to clarify their warranty information.

Any Issues?

The Monster MP HT800G is very similar to the Mediabridge IntelliSurge with regards to its master and slave outlets.

You might experience some issues where your slave outlets are suddenly turning off even when the television is still turned on. The reason for this is because the device that’s plugged in the master outlet should meet a particular power output in order to function properly. For example, a computer that goes on standby mode will use a lower amperage and the power strip will think that you’ve turned your PC off eventhough it’s still on and this will cause the slave outlets to act out.

The good news is that you can easily disable this master-slave outlet feature from the side of the surge protector if it really doesn’t fit your needs.

Consumer Reviews

The Monster MP HT 800G surge protector has already received a good number of reviews. People are generally satisfied with its overall performance and consumers particularly like the energy saving features of this power strip along with its very solid protection against power spikes.

What’s Next?

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