Opentron OT4126 Review

Opentron OT4126The Opentron OT4126 has 12 AC outlets and its entire body is enclosed in a metal housing.

The first time I saw it, I didn’t know that it was a power strip and thought that it was a black ruler or something. There are actually many power strips that have a thin and long design like this one but for now we’re going to focus on Opentron.

It’s mentioned in their product page that this is a surge protector but is it really? If you want a surge protector then you have to look for the joules number. In our case, this Opentron power strip has a surge protection rating of 400 joules which makes it a legitimate surge protector.

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The 400 joules is nice but when it comes to the joules rating, you want a higher number if you want to give some surge protection for your more high-end sensitive electronics. If you have some sensitive equipment then you might want to get a surge protector with over 2000 joules, with a good warranty and insurance protection for your connected equipment.

One of the things that I first look out for in a surge protector is the spacing of the outlets. I have to say that you’re going to get more than enough spacing between the outlets with the Opentron OT4126 as there are over 2 inches of spacing between each outlet. So far I haven’t seen any power strip that has that same generous amount of space and this will definitely accommodate any adapters that you have.

The overall length of this Opentron surge protector is at 4 feet, the width is one and a half inches and the height is also 1.5 inches. The unit has a good and sturdy feel into it. The contrast between the black metal housing of the unit and the white AC outlets is nice as you can easily see where to plug in your adapters which is more beneficial if you’re in a low light area.

There are going to be mounting parts and some screws included in this power strip. You don’t have to drill into this power strip to mount it against the wall, there’s an installation guide on how you can easily snap this unit in place. The power cord’s length measures in at 6 feet and has a 3-prong straight plug design. There’s also a power switch that will light up when you turn it on.

Any Issues?

The mounts can easily scratch the metal housing so you have to be careful when mounting it.

The straight plug design of its power cord is not going to be ideal if you’re going to plug it behind a furniture.

Consumer Reviews

The Opentron OT4126 surge protector was first available back on 2015. It started gaining some needed attention and currently it has a good number of consumer reviews with a favorable satisfaction rating. Some people even bought more than one unit. If you have a lot of wall wart adapters, then this is going to be an ideal solution for you.

What’s Next?

Read more reviews about it so you can make the right decision. Anything you want to add in this Opentron OT4126 review? Make sure you leave a comment below.

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