Orico Power Strip Review

The Orico power strip is a surge protector that provides different number of AC outlets and usb charging ports. This is one of the many power strips that have been released just recently (around 2015) and currently it has a good amount of consumer reviews.

Let’s take a look at some of their popular power strips that have been getting some attention.

Orico Power Strip – Desktop Charger

Orico Power Strip - Desktop ChargerThe Orico power strip – desktop charger has 2 AC outlets and 5 usb charging ports which delivers 8A overall. 3 of the usb ports will have 1A each and the remaining 2 will have 2.4A each. This is helpful if you have a lot of gadgets as it will enable you to charge 2 tablets and 3 cellphones at the same time. The charging ports also utilize a fast charging technology that allows each port to detect and provide the ideal current to efficiently charge your device.

Another critical benefit that you have with this Orico power strip is the surge protection that it provides for your devices. According to its Amazon.com product page, it has a surge protection rating of 1700 joules which is really high when you compare it with other power strips in the market. Just remember to look for a joules rating when you’re shopping for a power strip with real surge protection capabilities.

Overall build quality is high, the housing is made up of a strong plastic material which is also resistant against fires. You can find the on/off power switch (not illuminated by the way) near where the 5 foot power cord attaches to the unit. There’s also a slot where you can put your device while you’re charging it which is very convenient.

A potential issue that you might encounter is that there’s going to be some blue light glowing out on some of the usb ports. If you’re going to use this surge protector in your bedroom or in any low light area, then you might think twice on purchasing this unit.

Overall, the reviews with this Orico desktop charger has been generally positive. It has a fair amount of reviews and a high consumer satisfaction rating.

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Orico Traveling Surge Protector

Orico Traveling Surge ProtectorThe Orico traveling surge protector has 2 AC outlets but with only 4 usb charging ports. As you can see it’s similar with the desktop charger except it has one less usb charging port. This unit is also going to protect your devices from power spikes as it has a surge protection rating of 1700 joules.

They claim that the usb charging ports will also have some smart features as it will automatically detect the device and give it the appropriate current for faster charging. The total maximum output for all of the 4 usb ports combined is going to be 4A at 5V. At this rate you can charge 2 smartphones simultaneously if they require 2.1A. You can still charge 4 phones with 2.1A but now each port will only give you 1A which will make your charging a lot slower.

It has a nice compact built, you won’t hear any rattling sounds or any loose parts inside. The AC outlets have enough spacing to fit in your bigger transformers without blocking the other outlet. The length of the power cord measures in at 5 feet which is ideal for covering some distance. There’s also a blue light when you switch it on, it’s not overly bright so it’s perfect to use in low light areas. It’s nice that the on/off power switch is on top of the unit so you only have to press it without exerting extra effort in holding the power strip.

I would like to have some light indicator when it comes to its surge protection so I would know if my equipment is still being protected from power spikes. According to the FAQ in their official website, the unit will automatically turn itself off in case it’s been compromised by a power surge.

Just like the desktop charger, the Orico Traveling surge protector also got some positive feedback from many consumers. If you want to check out its price then simply click the link below to go to Amazon.com.

Check Price of Orico Surge Protector on Amazon.com

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