Poweradd Travel Charger Review

Poweradd [UL Listed] Travel ChargerThe Poweradd Travel Charger was released just recently (around September 2015) and currently it has a good number of reviews on the Internet.

This is actually the first time I’ve heard of this brand. Good thing it’s quite easy to find more information about them as they have an online presence at ipoweradd.com which was built around October 2013. Poweradd specializes in batteries for laptops and digital cameras. They claim that every device they sell is guaranteed to have the highest quality and their main goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Surge Protection

The Poweradd Travel Charger is not like any other charges as it provides you with some surge protection. This device is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and has a surge protection rating of 360 joules which gives protection for your sensitive gadgets.

Aside from the UL certification, this travel charger also passed the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) which basically certifies that there were no hazardous substances used in manufacturing this product.

Built and Design

It has an attractive appearance and it seems to be made from high quality materials. It has that solid and durable feel that should last you for a long time. I like the matte white finish with some neon green on the edges. The green edges on this device is actually kind of a bumper to protect the charger. There’s going to be an LED indicator to let you know if your device is going to be protected from power surges.

You will have 2 grounded outlets which can be found at the front and at the back. When you take out its cord, you will see what appears like a third outlet but it’s only a cradle for its own plug.

There are also a couple of USB charging outlets which has a total of 3.4A and this allows you to charge both of your tablet and cellphone at the same time.


The cord is wrapped around and the plug has a 3-prong design. The cord’s length is a bit short as it only measures in at around 11 inches. The short length will give you an idea that the gadgets you’ll plug in will need to have long cords. The plug also has a 90-degree flat design.

Any Issues

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, the 2 USB ports only provide a combined current of 3.4 amps. If you’re going to simultaneously charge 2 devices that only have a combined current of 3 amps then this is just fine. But if the combined current goes over the limit then you’re looking at a longer charging time. For me this is just a small issue but I feel that it’s still important to let you know the limitations of using this charger.

Consumer Reviews

Many people were satisfied with the performance and overall results of the Poweradd Travel Charger. It has an attractive and a very compact design which makes it an ideal companion when you’re traveling. Staying in hotels can have potential damage to your sensitive gadgets as the electricity will probably have frequent fluctuations. This charger has a built-in surge protection that will protect your devices from damaging power surges.

What’s Next?

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