QICENT Surge Protector Review

Let’s take a look at the 2 surge protectors from QICENT and see if this product is going to be worth your time and money.

QICENT 6-outlet Surge ProtectorThis QICENT surge protector has 6 AC outlets and 5 usb charging ports. It has a surge protection rating of 1700 joules so you can be sure that this is going to protect your lamp, alarm clock and other devices from destructive power spikes. However, if you want to protect your more expensive and sensitive electronics, I would look for a surge protector that has over 2000 joules and with a connected equipment insurance.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, it has 5 usb charging ports and each port will give out 2.4A of power. A lot of the chargers in the market will only provide 1A which is only suitable for phones. With 2.4A, you can easily charge your bigger tablets (like iPad) at a faster rate. Take note that the usb ports will only yield a maximum of 8A if you have 4 devices simultaneously charging.

The rectangular build with the clean and white aesthetics makes it an easy addition to your room in any decoration. The length of the power cord is at 5 feet and the 3-prong plug has a straight type design. The power cord is very sturdy but at the same time it’s also flexible. You can find the power switch on the side where the power cord attaches to the unit and there’s a blue light which is not annoyingly bright to let you know that the surge protector is operational.

The QICENT surge protector is silent and you won’t hear any humming sound or any annoying noise which some power strips have. There will also be some little tabs on the back of the unit so it won’t scratch your lovely furniture.

In your purchase you will find a card that will contain information about customer support. The after sales support is nice as it lets you know that QICENT is serious when it comes to helping people that have purchased their products.

Any Issues?

This surge protector doesn’t have any mounting holes and so you have to be a little creative if you want to mount it against your wall.

Like I’ve written before, the straight plug design can be an issue if you’re going to plug this power strip behind a desk or any piece of furniture.

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QICENT Desktop 2-outlet Surge Protector


The QICENT SA-2A5U surge protector has a couple of AC outlets and 5 usb charging ports. It has a surge protection rating of 1700 joules which is basically the same rating as the 6-outlet version above.

The 5 usb charging ports also provides 2.4A on each port when you use it individually. But when using all the ports simultaneously, you’re only going to get a combined power of 8A which is enough for a basic household use. For example, you could charge 2 tablets and 3 smart phones all at the same time and that would take up 8A.

The cool thing about the usb charging ports from QICENT (even the 6-outlet model) is that they have some smart features. It basically means that the ports will automatically detect what type of device you plugged in and will deliver the appropriate charging rate for it.

The length of the power cord is at almost 5 feet and the plug has a straight type design. The cord comes with a Velcro strap which is really handy when you fold it up or when you’re traveling around with it and unlike the model above, this surge protector will have a cellphone or tablet holder in the middle.

The QICENT SA-2A5U also has a power switch and the bottom will have rubber tabs which help it to stick and be stable on top of the surface. This also prevents any scratches from your furniture.

Any Issues?

The tablet holder in the middle is just big enough for your device without any type of thick sleeve. This is only a minor inconvenience but it would be nice if the tablet holder is a bit wider so it can fit your device with its sleeve.

Another thing is that the user manual doesn’t really give out the necessary technical details about the surge protector.

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  1. Unusual problem- when pugged into one specific receptacle the unit only comes on momentarily if you push side ways on the plug. It works normally on all other receptacles other devices work normally on the receptacle involved. Wiring of the receptacle checks out normal with a test device.

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