Quirky Pivot Power Strip Review

Quirky Pivot Power StripThe Quirky pivot power strip provides 6 AC outlets and a really interesting and fun design which I’ve never seen before in a power strip.

First of all, let’s talk about the important things about this power strip and not get too distracted with its appearance. The product description on its Amazon.com listing indicates that it’s a surge protector. I’d like to inform you that not every power strip is going to be a surge protector. How can you tell? You have to look out for a joules rating in a power strip in order for it to be considered as a true surge protector.

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Looking closely at it, the Quirky power strip does have a surge protection rating of 672 joules which is enough to provide a basic protection against power spikes. When it comes to the joules rating, a higher number is better but this particular power strip is not very ideal in protecting your more sensitive high-end electronics as you need over 2000 joules for that.

Now that we’ve established that this is a true surge protector, let’s talk about its design which is really cool in my opinion. This power strip swivels and each of the outlet has some rotator around it. The swivel function solves all your issues with those bigger wall wart adapters.

The old and current solution was to give bigger spacing to the outlets in its rectangular housing so it can accommodate the bigger adapters. With this Quirky pivot power strip, you can easily plug in your wall warts. Plug in your wall wart and pivot the power strip until the adapter is not blocking the next outlet. If you have a lot of wall warts, then you seriously need to consider this surge protector.

The overall construction is just okay and the plastic looks like it’s going to hold up. There’s an on/off power button on the side near the power cord and when you turn it on, the area around the button will emit a blue glow. You’re not going to see any Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approval but it does have a certification from ETL which conducts their testing according to UL standards.

Any Issues?

The Quirky power strip doesn’t work quite well with a right angle plug when you hang it against a wall. Due to its flat head, a right angle plug will not be able to use the outlet if you have another plug that’s above or below it.

Remember the blue glow light when you turn this surge protector on? This blue light is as bright as your nightlight and you might probably get annoyed with it especially if you’re using it in a darker room.

Consumer Reviews

As of now, the Quirky pivot power strip has a good number of consumer reviews. The flexible design and its pivoting capability is the most admired feature of this surge protector. The 672 joules surge protection rating is not that huge but it’s still better than having no protection at all (at least they’re a true surge protector).

What’s Next?

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Check Price of Quirky on Amazon.com

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