Rosewill RPS-200 6-Outlet Power Strip Review

Rosewill 6-Outlet Power StripThe Rosewill RPS-200 is a power strip that has 6 AC outlets and each of those outlets will have individual switches so you can have independent control for your connected devices. This power strip kinda looks like the one that I’m using here at my workstation as the aesthetics are fairly similar.

A critical thing that I look out for when it comes to power strips is the surge protection capabilities. Remember that not all power strips can be categorized as a surge protector and to be considered as one, it must have a joules rating. Looking at this unit, I cannot seem to find any joules rating and because of this, I believe that it’s not a true surge protector.

However, it does have a 15-amp breaker that can basically protect your equipment from power spikes. Personally, I would not suggest that you plug in your high-end sensitive equipment through this power strip. If you’re just planning to plug in your basic equipment then you should definitely consider the Rosewill power strip.

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Of course one of the features that will prove to be useful is the individual power switches for each of the outlets. This is a beneficial feature to have if you want to save some electricity for equipments that you don’t use that much. Some people have found creative ways to use this feature with regards to their needs.

For example, a lighting technician doesn’t have to opt for expensive lighting effects especially if their budget cannot afford it. You can just plug all your effects into this power strip and you can control their power individually and you have a nice set of plug and play lighting.

The switches will light up when it’s turned on and this is helpful so you can easily know which outlet is using electricity. Basically, you can use the individual switches if you are using a lot of different equipment. The holes on the outlets have a snug fit and this might become an issue for you if you have to unplug your stuff on a regular basis.

The cost of this power strip is really inexpensive and yet it seems to have a well built and solid construction. The AC outlets have a little spacing between them but it’s not really ideal for your large wall wart adapters. The orientation of the AC outlets will allow you to plug your equipment without blocking the next outlet.

Any Issues?

The Rosewill RPS-200 have a slight issue when it comes to using those bigger adapters as it slightly overlaps the area of the power switch. A nice improvement that can be done by Rosewill is to increase the spacing between the outlet and the switch by half an inch but it will also make the strip a bit wider.

This strip comes in with a heavy duty 6 foot power cord but this can be an issue for you if you don’t really need a long cord. Also this strip has a straight plug design which is not ideal for plugging behind furniture.

There will be some issues when it comes to mounting this power strip against your wall as there are no screws, no mounting patterns included and the mounting holes is not multi-directional. The mounting patterns can easily be solved by getting a pencil and paper but it’s very challenging to find the screws that will fit the mounting holes.

Consumer Reviews

The Rosewill RPS-200 power strip has been around for a few years now and a good number of people have been satisfied with it. Consumers were definitely appreciative of the individual power switches for each outlet as it’s very helpful for saving electricity and for simply making power management very convenient. Plus, it has a very affordable price.

What’s Next?

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