Sharkk Power Strip Review

SHARKK Aluminum Power StripThe Sharkk power strip provides you with 4 AC outlets and 4 usb charging ports. It started to get some attention back in 2015 and currently it has a good number of consumer reviews.

The outlets have some wide enough spacing to accommodate your bigger adapters without blocking or sacrificing the other outlets. The usb charging ports have some smart capabilities which will automatically adjust itself to give the right amount of current to the device you’re charging.

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The charging ports will give you a maximum output of 6A. As you can see you cannot charge 4 devices that each require 2.4A at once but still you can charge at least 2 tablets and 1 low power gadget (smartphone) simultaneously. Or charge 3-4 low powered gadgets without any type of issue.

The product page over at indicates that this Sharkk power strip is also a surge protector. However, I would like to remind you that not all power strips can be considered as a surge protector. One important thing to look out for in a surge protector is the joules rating and in the case of the Sharkk power strip, I cannot seem to find any joules rating. So I’m not really sure if this is really a true surge protector since there’s no information on its joules rating.

Even if you go to their official product page, you won’t see any joules rating even if they keep on saying that this power strip is a surge protector. However, it seems that this power strip is UL certified which is nice because you know that it passed a strict safety standard.

When you talk about joules rating, the higher it is the better. If a surge protector has a joules rating of 1000 and below, then it’s ideal for protecting small appliances like lamps, alarm clocks and small kitchen equipment. You want a surge protector with over 2000 joules if you want to give surge protection for your HD televisions, computers, stereo components and DVD players.

They also claim that this power strip has some power filtration features. Basically this technology helps your equipment perform at an optimal condition by reducing the line noise which can cause computer crashes, video interference, and other similar issues thus improving the longevity of your equipment.

If you have some Apple products then this power strip will definitely catch your attention since its aesthetics closely resembles Apple’s look and feel. The silver color and the clean white AC outlets will definitely look great when you put it near to any of your Apple products.

It has a great overall build quality and a solid feel. You can find the on/off power switch at the top side of the unit where the power cord is connected. This power strip is made up of a solid aluminum metal housing and it’s really easy to clean. The length of the heavy duty power cord is around 4 feet and 11 inches.

Any Issues?

The power cord is almost at 5 feet long and for some people, the length is a bit short. If you think that your situation will require a longer power cord, then you might have to think twice about this power strip.

Consumer Reviews

The Sharkk Power Strip has been gaining some popularity and it has a high consumer satisfaction rating. Consumers are satisfied with its overall performance and they like that you can plug in 8 devices simultaneously. The overall aesthetics is also an added benefit as it will be a good companion for your sophisticated Apple products.

What’s Next?

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