Square D HOM2175SB Review

Square D by Schneider Electric HOM2175SBWe’re going to take a look at another whole house surge protector from Schneider Electric and this time it’s going to be about the Square D HOM2175SB Homeline surge breaker.


The Square D HOM2175SB is something different when you compare it with the regular whole house surge protectors. If you take a closer look at this device, you will see that it’s labeled as a secondary surge arrester. What that means is that this device is categorized as a type-1 SPD. However, you can also use it as a type-2 SPD.

Of course, there will be an indicator light that will tell you if the unit is working or if it needs to be replaced.

The manufacturer also claims that it will provide equal protection to your circuits and receptacles throughout your entire home.

UL 1499 Listed

If you see a surge protection device that is UL 1499 listed then you can be sure that you’re buying a unit that will be up to standards when it comes to safety and efficiency.

Where to Use the Square D HOM2175SB

Like you’ve read earlier, the Square D HOM2175SB is a type-1 surge protection device (secondary surge arrester). The number one difference between a type-1 and a type-2 SPD is the location in which they are installed.

A type-1 SPD is typically installed on the line side of the main service entrance (this is between your utility pole and where the electricity enters your service panel).

The Square D HOM2175SB can also be used as a type-2 SPD. This type of device is also known as a service or branch surge panel and most of the whole house surge protectors that are available right now are classified as a type-2. They are installed on the load side of the main service entrance and they’re used to protect the electrical service entrance (breaker panel) against surges.

You can also use the Square D HOM2175SB in a combination service entrance device (CSED) and in homeline load centers.


Installing this square d surge protection device is pretty simple but like I’ve always recommended, it’s still best that you call a licensed electrician especially if you have no experience in working with electrical service panels.

The average time of installation will be around 10-15 minutes. When you install this as a type-2 SPD in your breaker panel, there must be an available 2-slot breaker space.

Before mounting the device, unroll the white wire. You will probably have to move some of your existing breakers down below so you can mount the Square D HOM2175SB at the top.

After mounting it, connect the white wire to the neutral bar of your breaker panel. If the installation is successful and everything is working fine, you will see the green indicator light.

Some people cut the wire short but others leave the length as it is.

In really simple terms, the installation is just all about snapping the device in your breaker and tightening a single screw for the white wire.

Is It Effective?

It’s really hard to test how effective this whole house surge protector is because you have to experience an electrical surge or an indirect lightning strike to tell if it really works.

But having a surge protector installed for your house is like a cheap insurance for your electronics. You’ll definitely feel more secure, save a lot of money and you will never have to depend on good luck.

To test its effectiveness we could look at the numerous consumer reviews for the Square D HOM2175SB over at the Internet.

There was a story where there was a series of storms that went through. It took out 4 street lights and the neighbor’s television and other electronics had suffered a surge but their house with the Square D HOM2175SB and a few power strips didn’t get affected.

Another story is where the consumer owned a lot of monitors, televisions and other sensitive electronics. A lightning hit their power line but the Square D HOM2175SB was the only one that was fried. He was really happy with the protection and performance of the HOM2175SB.


One small complaint for this Square D surge protector is the green light. You cannot really see the status light if you do not look closely.

Another concern that you might have with regards to this device is the Joules protection which is only at 900 because some power strip surge protectors will give you over 1,000 Joules of protection. However you can use this more than once so you can increase the protection by 900 Joules for every additional device that you install.


When it comes to the warranty of the Square D HOM2175SB, you really have to carefully read every detail.

I went to their official website and searched for the warranty information with regards to this particular surge protector. I noticed that the font size of their text is really small and it’s very challenging to read.

Square D/Schneider Electric will accept responsibility for any damage to the homeowner’s major household appliance. This promise will only be valid if their whole house surge protector has been properly installed and complied with the current National Electric Code (NEC).

Take note that only major household appliances are included. According to the manufacturer’s website they do not consider your audio, stereo components, video gear, televisions and computers to be major household appliances so they are excluded from the warranty.


Some whole house surge protectors that I’ve reviewed in this website has amazing support when it comes to responding to consumers on the Internet. So far I haven’t seen that level of interaction from this manufacturer but obviously you can reach them over at their website.

What’s Next?

Hopefully this Square D HOM2175SB review helped you in making with this surge protector. Do you have any experience with the Square D HOM2175SB? It would be nice if you can give your comments below.

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