Square D QO2175SB Surge Breaker Review

Square D QO2175SB surge breakerThe Square D QO2175SB is categorized as a type-1 and type-2 surge protective device. It can be used in service entrance locations, combination service entrance locations (CSED) and QO load centers.

This device will provide equal and sufficient protection to the circuits and receptacles found all over your house. It’s designed to give protection for single phase, 3-wire, 120/240 Vac, electrical services and appliances.

Generally, whole house surge protectors are categorized as a type-2 SPD. But like you’ve read earlier, you can also use this as a type-1 and this is also known as a secondary surge arrester. If you’re not familiar with a type-1, it just means that you can install this on the line side of the main service entrance which is between your utility pole and where the electricity goes through your service panel.

Installing the Square D QO2175SB is fairly easy but it’s not recommended that you install this yourself especially if you don’t have any experience in working with a breaker panel.

It’s also important to note that this device will only fit inside a Square D QO load centers and NQ boards. If you have a Square D homeline panel, then you want to purchase the Square D HOM2175SB. Keep this in mind as some people bought the QO model and didn’t know that it would not fit in a homeline panel. You also don’t want to install this on a 120 Vac single-phase, 2-wire systems.

Before installing this whole house surge protector, go to your breaker panel first and assess what area would be the easiest to install it and where it’s going to be the closest to the main breaker. You will need two available slots and if you cannot find a spot, then you want to move your single pole breakers to the lower slots so you can install this surge protector at an optimal position.

You’re going to see a single white wire that comes from the breaker and you need to insert this white wire to the neutral bar. Typically, your installation can take around 10-13 minutes but more experienced consumers can install it in as little as 5 minutes. Again, I would like to suggest that you call a local licensed electrician if you don’t have any idea of working with a breaker panel.

The Square D QO2175SB is also fully compliant with the Underwriters Laboratories 1449 3rd edition as a type-2 surge protector. This device is also compliant with the standards of a secondary surge arrestor as per the ANSI/IEEE C62.1.

The maximum surge current rating for this device is not that very high as it’s only 22,500 kA while the short circuit rating is at 22,000 amps. These ratings are in the basic protection category and if you’re looking for something greater, then you would have to get an externally mounted whole house surge protector. If you live in an area where you think that the power conditions are just fine then you won’t really need something with a higher rating to do take care of the job.

The Square D QO2175SB has a 3-year warranty and it has a $10,000 limited warranty that will cover your major appliances like your refrigerators, washers, air conditioners, etc.

What’s Next?

Hopefully this brief review helped you in making the right decision regarding the Square D QO2175SB surge protector.

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