Square D SDSA1175 Review

Square D by Schneider Electric SDSA1175The Square D SDSA1175 is another one of the surge protectors that’s offered by Square D from Schneider Electric. If you’re interested with their other devices, then check out the reviews for Square D HEPD80, Square D HOM2175SB and Square D QO2175SB.

If you take a close look at this device, you’re going to see that it’s labeled as a secondary surge arrester and this label indicates that it’s a type-1 surge protector. Basically a type-1 is normally installed on the line side of the main service entrance which is between your utility pole and where the electricity enters your service panel. So this will be typically installed in your main electrical panel or your power distribution panel.

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A type-2 surge protector is also known as the whole house surge protector and it’s regularly installed on your circuit breaker panel. The other devices from Square D that I’ve mentioned earlier are mostly type-2 surge protectors.

Solid Reputation

One main thing about the Square D SDSA1175 that you will like is the fact that the company behind it has a very solid reputation when it comes to surge protection capabilities. For example, the number 1 bestseller for whole house surge protectors over at Amazon.com is also from Schneider Electric which is the Square D HEPD80. A lot of people have already expressed their satisfaction towards the value that this company provides.


When it comes to installing this surge protector, it’s not going to be really straightforward and it’s actually an issue that you will have to face (you’ll learn more about it below this article). As much as possible I would recommend that you talk to your local licensed electrician especially if you don’t have any experience in working with your main electrical panel.

When you install this, it’s also recommended to place it as close as possible to the main lugs so you can get the best protection possible. It can fit in a regular 1/2 inche knockout and there are going to be three wires; 1 neutral white wire and 2 black wires (hot). The length of the wires is pretty long and adequate as it measures almost 18 inches long (this is more than enough to reach the bus bar anywhere on the panel).

This device also has a NEMA Type 4X rating which basically means that it’s very much ideal for indoor and outdoor installation.


The price of the Square D SDSA1175 is also one of the main reasons why a lot of people are attracted to this surge arrestor. As of now it’s just 2 or 3 times cheaper than the other similar surge protectors in the market.

Consumer Reviews

Consumers have installed the Square D SDSA1175 in their circuit breakers and sometimes they need it to provide protection for their HVAC units and water pumps. Some even used this to protect their homes from close lightning strikes with success. They were satisfied with its overall performance and the affordable price at less than $30.

What Are the Issues?

The main issue that you will encounter with this surge protector is with regards to its instructions. The installation directions for this device are not really that helpful because it’s not laid out in a nice orderly fashion.

The surge protector comes with an indicator light to let you know if you need to replace it. But the LED light is very dim and it’s really hard to see it unless you look really closely.

What’s Next?

Hopefully this article helped you when it comes to making a decision with the Square D SDSA1175. Do you have anything you want to add in this Square D SDSA1175 review? Just leave your comments below this article.

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