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Supco SCM150In this article, we’re going to talk about the Supco SCM150 whole house surge protector.

Before even considering this device, you should take time to do some research on it. In this review article I’m going to tell you the important points about the Supco SCM150 review so you can be more informed when it comes to making the right decision.

This is another whole house surge protector that gets a lot reviews but even though this device gets a lot of reviews it doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. Continue reading and hopefully this article will help you out.


Like you’ve read earlier, the Supco SCM150 is a whole house surge protector. There are different levels of surge protection and this device is categorized as a type-2 surge protection device.

The overall size specs is 2 7/8″ x 3 3/4″ x 2″ and it weighs around a pound. This is a 120/240V 60 Hz Single Phase and installs on an air conditioner disconnect or panel. It has a high impact plastic that makes it weatherproof and like other type-2 SPDs, there will be a green light that will indicate its protection status.

Important Note About Supco SCM150

This surge protector got some attention around 2012 but in 2015, there was an issue for the Supco surge protector and many people want to recall this device. More details on why there must be a Supco SCM150 recall can be found below this article.


You can actually install this surge protector in a circuit breaker panel but the instructions recommend that you install it at your air con-heat pump condenser disconnect.

Instructions for installing this in a 240V and 110V panel is very well illustrated.

Installation is really simple but like I’ve recommended in my other reviews, you need to hire someone who knows what they’re doing if you don’t have any experience.

The instructions indicate that you should install this surge suppressor at least 3 feet away from the equipment that you want to protect.

Another thing to remember when it comes to installing surge protective devices is that your wires must be as short as possible. Keeping the wires short, will make sure the effectiveness of the SPD will be very high when it comes to clamping down surges.


The price for the Supco SCM150 is very affordable and reasonable. Many electricians will actually charge you around $150 for its installation. But when you take a look at its price online and know how easy it is to install, you will definitely save a lot of money when you install the surge protector yourself.

The Supco SCM150 Recall

Electricians recommend the Supco SCM150 when it comes to installing it over at A/C units because it’s waterproof and the price is significantly cheaper.

This whole house surge protector is probably an ideal option if you mount this on an A/C compressor with a metal casing and it’s more than 3 feet away from anything flammable.

The only difference of the Supco SCM150 to other surge protectors is that it DOES NOT HAVE A CASE THAT CAN HANDLE A SURGE!

The Supco surge protector only has a sustained rating (this is for repeated hits) of 10kA which obviously is very low when compared to many of its competition that provides a rating of 75kA.

So having a very low repeated hits rating at 10kA inside a case that will not have the capability to contain a surge is just a huge fire hazard.

Where’s the Official Supco SCM150 Recall?

So far I cannot see any official statements of the Supco SCM150 recall but when you call the Supco technical support they will probably tell you that this whole house surge protector has already been recalled.


The warranty for any whole house surge protector is something that you really want to read more closely. You can always find how clever these manufacturers get when it comes to covering their bases through the technicalities.

The warranty for the Supco SCM150 is 3 years from the installation date but there are some potential issues about their warranty. Continue reading below as to why you don’t want to have your hopes up when claiming warranty.

Support and Still Other Issues

Getting support from the manufacturer is very important because this will show how well they trust their product and care for their consumers. Supco has both support for customers and technical issues so that’s a good sign.

Take note however that the Supco SCM150 is just a private label product. Meaning that this is not an actual device of their own because it’s actually from a manufacturer called Sycom Surge.

So you have to be aware of this very important fact especially when you are filing for any kind of warranty claim. If you still plan on getting this device, make sure you also buy a fire extinguisher because you might actually need it.

They don’t even have this surge protector in their official site. Try to go to, search for scm150 and you will get a page indicating that no product of that name exists. They have surge protectors in their catalog but it’s not a type-2 device or a whole house surge protector.

Here are Some Alternatives

Fortunately for you there are many reliable whole house surge protectors that you can choose from. I’ve written some reviews on some of them and hopefully it will help you in making an ideal decision for your surge protection. Here are some of the type-2 surge protector reviews that I recommend you read.

What Do You Think?

Hopefully this review will be helpful in your decision in getting the proper surge protection for your house. Do you have any experience in using surge protection for your house?

8 thoughts on “Supco SCM150 Reviews

  1. The Supco SCM150 on our Trane heat pump caught fire last night and caused substantial damage. It was installed in mid-2011. So yes – this is a real threat. Anyone that has one of these installed should remove it immediately

  2. I’m also dealing with the same issue as drmar. Mine was installed by a professional installer who’s already said they will replace the unit with a different brand.. but I’m wondering who’s going to fix the damage done to my house?

  3. I have had 3 units–Supco SCM 150 installed 3 years ago–guess what? We just notice that one of the units is totally burned out and our outside wall is now blackened. I am disconnecting the remaining 2 units. For over 30 years we have not had any surge protectors on our AC units–no issues. So we wanted to try them. Lots of luck–our opinion–stay away from them. You’ll pay 3 times the cost from an installer, plus installation and they are not worth it. And, you risk setting fire to your house. Bad investment.

    • Hello I am a fire investigator I would be interested in obtaining the device that failed so I can have an electrical engineer examine the device. Please contact my company at 304-685-5133


      • Not my post…Jon Wayne Services, San Antonio tx installed Supco SCM 150 surge protector when they installed my inside & out air conditioning 2 years ago. Surge protecter failed caught fire tripped breaker did not shut down inside unit. Have damage to siding soot, & burnt plastic off directv cable exposed wire. Contacted Jon Wayne not there problem. I ask for failed surge protector Jon Wayne per email it was disposed of. Was given contact info Supco, no help, per email it’s up to code. What’s your opion. Thanks Deborah Spaulding 210-287-1603

  4. SCM150 are not needed. AVOID Mine caught fire. They will cause damage. If they were required they would be installed or offered by the maker of your A/C unit. Carolina Comfort Air installed mine and they will either be paying for the damage or be included in a lawsuit.

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