Tripp Lite HT10DBS Review

Tripp Lite Isobar 10 Outlet Surge ProtectorThe Tripp Lite HT10DBS from the Tripp Lite Isobar series is a high quality surge protector that has a very good overall value when compared to other premium surge protectors in the market. It has 10 outlets and 4 of which are for your bigger adapters or wall warts.

This power strip is in full compliance with the Underwriters Laboratories UL 1449 3rd edition. When a surge protector is fully compliant with this standard, you can be sure that it passed rigorous testing standards that will truly benefit consumers like yourself.

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As you might probably know, there are a ton of surge protectors in the market but the Tripp Lite Isobar series is actually very much respected when it comes to surge protectors. This product line has been around for over 2 decades now and that’s gives you a clear idea of the quality that you’re going to expect from the Tripp Lite HT10DBS surge protector.

It has a very high surge protection rating of 3,840 joules and with a clamping voltage of 140V. Basically what this means is that at 140V, Tripp Lite HT10DBS will start to redirect the excess voltage to the electrical ground. If you’re serious on getting some real surge protection, then you can be confident that this will do the job.

It has an EMI/RFI line noise filtering capability that will help your equipment perform at their highest level. This will aid your equipment to produce sharper videos, fuller audio and ultimately give your equipment a longer lifespan.

Older Tripp Lite HT10DBS units have 60dB noise attenuation but it seems that with the newer units, the outlets that are nearest to the power cord will have 80dB and those furthest will have 50dB. So if you want your equipment to get the most benefit of the noise filtering feature, then plug it closest to the power cord. The noise filtering will not be applicable to the coax cable, telephone, fax line and the Ethernet line but they do have surge protection.

Tripp Lite also claims that their current units have more isolated filter banks. This helps you by making sure that the electrical noise from the outlets won’t have any effect to the other outlets. Back then their filter banks were only a couple then it upgraded to three. But now the Tripp Lite HT10DBS has 5 isolated filter banks making each outlet pair its own filter bank like many of the other units in the ISOBAR and ISOTEL series.

In addition to protecting your equipment from the transient power surges, the Tripp Lite HT10DBS is also designed to be very durable. The entire housing is made up of metal and this will definitely withstand some extreme conditions.

If there’s any situation where your Tripp Lite surge protector goes out while protecting your equipment, it’s highly likely that the company will send you a new replacement with not additional cost on your part. There are many comments from consumers that indicate the company is very serious when it comes to honoring their lifetime warranty.

Any Issues?

This unit has 3 indicator lights; 2 are green and the other one is red which tells you if it’s grounded properly. The red color means that everything is good but it would be nice if the color is also green so there won’t be any confusion.

Consumer Reviews

The Tripp Lite HT10DBS surge protector has some consumer reviews over at People who are really serious about surge protection love the fact that it’s been certified under the UL 1449 3rd edition.

Overall, the high quality build, surge protection, noise filtration and the number of ports are the key features why many consumers love the Tripp Lite HT10DBS.

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