Tripp Lite Isobar 4 Ultra Review

Tripp Lite Isobar 4 Outlet Surge ProtectorThe Tripp Lite Isobar 4 Ultra is surge protector that has 4 AC outlets. They also boast of their exclusive isolated filter banks which will prevent any line noise that can cause distortions and all sorts of similar errors to your equipment.

If you’re shopping for a power strip that has some surge suppression, make sure that it really has some because not all power strips are going to be surge protectors. It’s really easy because all you have to do is check out the joules rating, if there’s none then it’s not a surge protector.

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This Tripp Lite 4-outlet Isobar power strip has a very high surge protection rating of 3330 joules (97,000 Amps) and when it comes to the joules rating, the higher the number the better. Anything with a few hundred joules is fine and so with the Tripp Lite ISOBAR4ULTRA having over 3000 is an absolute winner in making sure that your equipment is protected from damaging power spikes.

The unit has a pretty good build quality with an aluminum metal housing and a pretty thick 6-foot power cord with a right angle 45-degree plug design. The AC outlets are tight so there won’t be any accidental disconnections when you plug in your stuff and you can find mounting holes on the back of the unit in case you want to install it against your wall.

When you open and take the Tripp Lite IBAR4ULTRA apart, you’re going to find 2 circuit boards; one board will take care of the light controls and the other board will be responsible for the main surge suppression elements. It has 9 large metal oxide varistors (MOVs) that have a correct rating for the application and a high rupturing capacity (HRC) fuse. There are also some huge filter chokes along with some common mode chokes, line filter capacitors and some thermal detection.

There are 3 LED lights that will give you critical information on the status of your power and surge protection. This is going to be a huge benefit when it comes to determining any electrical issues before any damage can be done to your sensitive equipment.

A green light for LINE OK means that it’s properly grounded and a red in the FAULT indicates issues with the grounding. You want a green light for the PROTECTION so you’ll know that your stuff is protected from surges. If the PROTECTION LED goes out, then it’s time to contact Tripp Lite for a replacement.

The ISOBAR4ULTRA has a lifetime insurance coverage of $50,000 for your connected equipment. Additionally it also has a lifetime protection warranty for damages caused by power surges and that includes direct lightning strikes (only applicable in USA and Canada).

Any Issues?

Take note that this unit will continue to let electricity pass through even if the surge protection is not present anymore. This can be an issue especially if you have this power strip behind something where you cannot see it easily. With this in mind, make sure that there’s a green light in the PROTECTION status so you’ll know that your stuff is protected.

Due to its all-metal housing, this is not a good choice for your hardwood floors as it can easily cause some scratches. It’s also a challenge to carry this around in a bag because its sharp metal edges can cause some damage.

Consumer Reviews

There are already some consumer reviews over at for the Tripp Lite ISOBAR4ULTRA. There were consumers who shared their experience about their treadmill causing the circuit breaker to trip. After doing some research, they’ve found out that the Tripp Lite Isobar 4 Ultra solves this very annoying situation. Basically, this surge protector will mask the arc pattern of the treadmill so the circuit breaker won’t trip out. So if you have a treadmill that keeps on tripping your circuit breaker, then you might want to check this surge protector out.

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