Tripp Lite Isobar ULTRABLOK Review

Tripp Lite Isobar 2 Outlet Direct Plug-in Surge ProtectorThe Tripp Lite Isobar ULTRABLOK will give you 2 AC outlets with an all-metal housing and has retaining brackets so you can directly mount it against your wall.

Many power strips cannot be considered as a surge protector so make sure you do your due diligence. The good news is that the Tripp Lite Ultrablok428 will protect your equipment from potential surges as it has a high surge protection rating of 1410 joules.

Tripp Lite boasts that their Isobar series is the only surge protector that has internal barriers and this is critical for their EMI/RFI noise filtering capability. This will help the components perform at their optimal level and it gets rid of any performance issues that are caused by different appliances while promoting longevity on your components.

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There are going to be 3 indicator lights that will provide you with status regarding your power and surge protection. This will help you to easily spot power issues before they can cause havoc with your sensitive electronics.

If you have a green light for the LINE OK then it means that it’s properly grounded but if you see a red light in the FAULT, then you have some grounding issues. A neat trick if you’re thinking about signing a rental agreement is to plug it in and check out the FAULT light so you can be sure if you’re getting the best deal.

If the PROTECTION light is green then you’ll know that your equipment is protected from damaging surges. If ever the protection LED goes out, then simply contact Tripp Lite’s customer service for a free replacement.

You might not see it in the photos but the Tripp Lite ULTRABLOK is big. You can plug it directly into any standard wall outlet and if you have some limited space in your house then this surge protector is going to be very much ideal. You can utilized the steel spring mounting tab to make sure the surge protector is not going to be accidentally disconnected.

You’ll get a lifetime warranty and $10,000 insurance for connected equipment and Tripp Lite also states that they provide coverage for damages caused by direct lightning strikes. This is interesting because so far I haven’t seen any company that will cover direct lightning strikes simply because no surge protector can suppress the power from a direct lightning strike. Just make sure to read the warranty information to make sure you’re really covered.

Claiming your warranty is fairly straightforward as the have a high quality customer support. They’ll simply get some relevant information from you and they will quickly ship your replacement surge protector.

Any Issues?

The LED lights might be a little annoying especially in a dark room.

If you mounted this behind your refrigerator, then you won’t easily notice if everything is okay. It would be nice if this surge protector would have some audible alert to notify you if the unit has been compromised by a power surge.

Consumer Reviews

The Tripp Lite Isobar 2-outlet has some consumer reviews over at with a high satisfaction rating. It has a very high joules rating to protect your electronics from surges and a noise filtering feature that is critical for your component’s performance.

Many people have already reported that this unit saved their sensitive electronics from deadly power surges. They also shared how the customer support was very helpful when it comes to shipping the free replacements in a matter of days.

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