Tripp Lite ISOBAR8ULTRA Review

Tripp Lite ISOBAR8ULTRAThe Tripp Lite ISOBAR8ULTRA has 8 AC outlets with a really high surge protection rating of 3840 joules. Tripp Lite has been successfully working in this business for over 20 years. They’re very proud of their 18 million satisfied consumers and they claim that their ISOBAR series remains the leading premium surge protector in the market today.

Just like the other units in their ISOBAR series, the outlets have enough spacing beside each other so you can plug in your bigger transformers without blocking the other outlets. It has a lighted on-off power switch and 3 indicator lights which we’re going to discuss in more detail in this article.

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Like I’ve mentioned earlier, the Tripp Lite Isobar 8 Ultra is a true surge protector that has a rating of 3840 joules. Many power strips out there are not real surge protectors so you have to be aware of this fact. A real surge protector is something that has a joules rating and the higher the number, the better. If you want to protect your high-end sensitive equipment then anything with over 2000 joules is fine.

If you’re experiencing some line interferences from your appliance, then the isolated filter banks in this unit will definitely help you out. The ISOBAR8ULTRA has isolated filter banks and this will remove all the EMI/RFI interference and even line noise that comes from other connected equipment. This will also prevent any computer crashes and other performance issues.

Every power strip in the ISOBAR series will have 3 indicator lights and you have to pay attention to these lights as they’re really critical. A green light for the LINE OK means everything is properly grounded. A red light for the FAULT means that you have some wiring issues in your house. You want a green light for the PROTECTION so you know that the surge suppression feature is active. If the surge protection light goes out, then you simply call Tripp Lite to get a new replacement.

The ISOBAR8ULTRA is pretty well built as it has a metal housing that can withstand harsh conditions and the heavy duty power cord’s length is 12 ft. so you can reach any distant outlets. The mounting holes on the back make this unit easy to install against your walls and the outlet covers provide additional safety for unused outlets.

It has a lifetime warranty for damages caused by power spikes and that includes direct lightning strikes which is something that most of the other companies don’t do. Tripp Lite takes this lifetime warranty very seriously and you can actually see this in countless reviews. Aside from the lifetime warranty, there’s also a $50,000 lifetime insurance coverage for your connected equipment.

Any Issues?

It seems there are a few cases where the unit produces a high-pitched buzzing sound when you’re using it. However, you can easily get a replacement if ever you have this buzzing issue because it’s possible that you got a lemon.

If you have some issues with buying products that are made from China then this might affect your decision with this surge protector. Some people also find that the 12-foot power cord is too long for their preference.

Consumer Reviews

There are consumers who are satisfied with the Tripp Lite ISOBAR8ULTRA and according to the reviews, the best thing about purchasing this surge protector is the lifetime warranty. Many people shared their experience on how it was easy to call up Tripp Lite and get a new replacement for their fried surge protector. Another advantage that the people like is the isolated filter banks which remove any disturbing line noise. This is particularly very useful if you have a treadmill that trips your breaker.

What’s Next?

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