Tripp Lite TLP606 6-Outlet Power Strip Review

Tripp Lite TLP606 Power StripThe Tripp Lite TLP606 caught my attention when I was browsing for surge protectors over at because it looks exactly like the power strip I use here in my home.

Not all power strips are going to have some surge protection. Most of the time, the term power strip and surge protector are just being used loosely.

One quick way to tell if a power strip is also a surge protector is to check its joules rating. If it doesn’t have any joules rating then it’s simply not a surge protector.

Now what about the Tripp Lite TLP606? This power strip does actually have some surge protection capabilities. According to the product description, it has a surge protection rating of 790 joules. Additionally, this power strip also has some noise filtering features that will help your components function at their best which also extends the life of your equipment.

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There are 6 outlets in this power strip and one of the outlets is for your bigger adapters and transformers so you won’t need to block the other outlets. There’s going to be an LED indicator light that will monitor the status of your surge protection. The on/off power switch will also light up to indicate the power status of the strip.

There are keyholes on the back of the unit so you can easily mount or install it anywhere you want. The Tripp Lite TLP606 also has a slim design and this allows you to fit it almost anywhere.

Another advantage you have with this power strip is its warranty. According to Tripp Lite, there’s a lifetime warranty and $20,000 of lifetime insurance for your connected devices. For me this shows me that this company is serious in providing after sales customer support and it’s also a clear sign that they are very confident about their surge protector.

Any Issues?

You might probably encounter some manufacturing defect should you decide to buy this surge protector. This issue was actually years ago so maybe it’s already been fixed but it seems that the ground socket is being blocked by a metal piece which makes it difficult to insert the plugs.

So with this in mind, your experience with this power strip will rely on how many outlets (if there’s actually any) are being affected by this issue. If you ever encounter this issue, what you might do is just force the plugs a few times until you can easily effortlessly insert in your plugs.

Another improvement would also be the spacing of the outlets because there’s only one outlet that can accommodate larger adapters. It would also be nice if the outlets are positioned in such a way that the third prong is on the side so that you can plug the transformers or a flat design plug on the side of the strip.

Consumer Reviews

The Tripp Lite TLP606 has been around for a few years already and currently it has a good amount of reviews over at Consumers love the fact that it has a surge protection rating of almost 800 joules. The price is also very cheap that many people bought more than one to protect their equipment at home. Overall, this is one of the products where you get more than what you pay for.

What’s Next?

Hopefully this review helped you in making the right decision with this surge protector. Do you have any experience with this product or do you have anything to add in this Tripp Lite TLP606 review? Just leave your comments below this article.

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