Tripp Lite TLP810NET Review

Tripp Lite TLP810NET Surge Protector Power StripIn this Tripp Lite TLP810NET review, we’re going to look at the factors on why you should consider this device for protecting your electronics from a damaging power surge.

Surge Protection

It has a surge suppression rating of 3,240 joules and it can provide surge protection for many of your devices.

The Tripp Lite TLP810NET has a very high joules rating and basically the higher the joules rating, the better as it will provide more protection for your devices.

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It also has a built-in RJ45 and RJ11 jack which is going to protect your telephone, modem, fax machines and it also has protection for coax cables. It has electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise filtering that will help your component system when performing at their peak.

There are going to be 2 indicator lights; the red light tells you if it’s properly grounded and the green light indicates if the surge protector is working properly. The indicator lights is a very handy feature that helps you decide when to replace your surge protector. This surge protector also has an audible alert to let you know if it’s not working properly. Another useful feature since some of you might not even notice the lights.


It’s going to be a pretty good option if you want a solid protection for your home entertainment setup as it will give you the needed space for you to plug in your numerous electronic devices in a single area.

It has 8 outlets and 3 of those are going to be ideal for your bigger power adapters so you don’t have to block the other outlets. It’s made from high quality plastic and if you look closely in each socket, you’re going to see a slot shield which is a very important safety feature. The slot shield will prevent any accidental poking that might damage the power strip or worse, get yourself injured.


This unit comes with a heavy duty 10-foot cord. The plug has a flat design and is slightly angled to the right so it won’t get in the way of your other wall sockets. Whether you plug it in the top or the bottom socket of your wall outlet, the cord is angled so it will just loop over the other sockets providing you the space you need.


There’s a $250,000 lifetime warranty insurance for the connected equipment. Tripp Lite also has this reputation of honoring their warranty with no added fuss or delay which is why many consumers are appreciative to work with a company that stands behind its products.

Consumer Reviews

There are a lot of consumer reviews over at and a good number of them were satisfied with the surge protection that the Tripp Lite TLP810NET provided. The typical story was that the power surge will fry the Tripp Lite surge protector but all the connected equipment were saved and continued to function properly.

A lot of people also like the fact that there are extra cables included in their purchase. You can simply plug in your existing cables to the surge protector and use the extra cables from the power strip to your equipment without needing to buy anything else.

Overall, many consumers felt that this is a wonderful surge protector for such a great price.

Any Issues?

It seems that the Ethernet protection from this power strip does not function that well. There’s something about it that weakens the quality of the wired Ethernet connection. For example, your internet connection might slow down when you use the Ethernet protection or the functions on your smart TV will be useless. Just take note of this issue when you use its Ethernet feature.

What’s Next?

Hopefully you’re going to make the right decision after reading this article. Do you have anything to add in this Tripp Lite TLP810NET review? Just leave your comment below.

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