Tripp Lite TLP825 8-Outlet Review

Tripp Lite TLP825The Tripp Lite TLP825 power strip has 8 AC outlets and a very long power cord which has a length of 25 feet.

I’ve written many reviews about power strips and surge protectors in this website and I believe this is the first time I’ve encountered a unit that has a 20-foot plus power cord.

There’s actually a 7-outlet version of this power strip, the Tripp Lite TLP725, but you would still probably prefer the 8-outlet version because you will get more benefits compared to the TLP725. But still it would entirely depend on what your needs are.

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First, let me remind you that not every power strip is going to be a surge protector. There have been some products that claim they provide some protection from power spikes but in reality they’re just a mere power strip. When you’re looking for a surge protector, you have to find out one important factor and that’s the joules rating. If you don’t see one, then it’s simply not a surge protector.

In the case of Tripp Lite TLP825, it is a real surge protector and has a high surge protection rating of 1440 joules. The higher the joules rating, the better your protection will be but some people would still prefer a much higher joules rating of over 2000 joules for protecting their high end sensitive equipment.

There’s also a line noise filtering capability with this power strip and this will help your equipment perform at their optimal level and will extend its lifespan.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, there are 8 AC outlets and 3 of those outlets have a bigger spacing so it can accommodate your bigger wall wart adapters. With this feature, you can really maximize the adapters that you’re plugging in as you won’t have to block the other outlets. Additionally, each of the outlets has a built-in safety cover and this will prevent any accidental poking, keep your children safe and will prevent any dust from damaging the inside components of your power strip.

It’s really a challenge to find a surge protector that has very long power cord but this is not the case with this unit. The 25-foot power cord of the Tripp Lite TLP825 is one of its highlights as it helps people to cover a great deal of distance from their equipment to the wall socket. It eliminates having to plug in a separate surge protector into another extension cord. Also if you have a local fire code that prevents you from using an extension cord with a temporary setup, this power strip would also be the solution.

There are 2 indicator LEDs which are labeled Grounded and Protected. The grounded red light will make sure that the surge protector is connected in a properly grounded wall outlet and the protected green light will tell you whether your equipment are protected from power surges. There’s a power switch that’s also illuminated to let you control all the connected equipment.

There’s a lifetime product warranty for this surge protector. In case the protected green light goes out, you can simply contact Tripp Lite and ask for a free replacement. Additionally, there’s a $75,000 insurance for the connected equipment.

Any Issues?

There’s no way to retract or coil the power cord so make sure you really need a surge protector with a very lengthy power cord or else you’re going to be bundled up with a cord that could get in the way.

The safety covers on the outlet feels a bit flimsy but it’s better than having no protection at all.

Consumer Reviews

The Tripp Lite TLP825 has been around for quite a long time now and it already has some consumer reviews. People are generally pleased with it and one of the many things that people loved is the very long 25-foot power cord.

What’s Next?

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