TROND Power Strip Review

TROND® 2-Outlet Power Strip with USB Smart Charger The TROND power strip is going to turn your regular outlet into a multi-charging station. It has 2 AC outlets and 5 USB charging ports that will have smart technology built in them.

The 5 smart usb ports will automatically detect the devices that you plug in and will find the fastest possible charging speed. In the product description, it says that all of the ports will have up to 2.4 amps but the truth is that you can only simultaneously use 2 out of the 5 ports that will provide 2.4 amps.

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It has a small footprint and a compact design that will be ideal for your desk or nightstand. This device will definitely reduce the clutter in your workspace and it’s a perfect traveling companion especially if you stay in hotels where there are few outlets around.

A safety feature that you’re really going to benefit from is the surge protection capability of his power strip. Not all power strips have some built-in surge protection so make sure that what you’re buying will safeguard you from damaging surges.

The two AC outlets which are grounded have a surge protection rating of 1,700 joules which is more than enough to give a solid protection for your devices. When it comes to joules rating, the higher the better and the average rating is anywhere from 7-700 joules.

The design of the Trond power switch is very simple and sleek. You can find the cord and the power switch at the back of the device. The plug has 3 prongs and there’s a small light indicator to tell you if the power strip is in use. This is a bigger device than most of the other 5-port usb hubs but the neat thing about it is that it has 2 extra AC outlets which comes really handy for areas with limited outlets.

The overall build of the device has a nice quality feel to it. You can even notice it on the instruction card that’s included as it has clear instructions where you can read proper English grammar. You can really appreciate this small factor especially if you encounter some products where there are some confusing instructions that are clearly not written by a native English writer.

Any Issues?

An issue for the Trond power strip is that the grounding pins of the 2 AC outlets are facing each other on the inside. If you have 2 grounded adapters then it makes it impossible for you to use them. The space between the 5 USB ports are closer to each other and it would be nice if it were just spaced out just a bit farther apart so it wouldn’t be too tight when you charge all of your devices.

Consumer Reviews

There were people that were satisfied with the overall performance of the Trond power switch. It has 2 outlets that are surge protected and 5 USB ports that are smart so you can efficiently charge all of your devices. Consumers were pleased by its compact design as they can easily take it to wherever they travel.

What’s Next?

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