Umirro 10-Outlet Surge Protector Review

Umirro 10-Outlet Surge ProtectorThe Umirro 10-outlet surge protector is something new to me and this is the first time that I’ve heard about this brand. I was browsing around and saw this power strip. It caught my attention because they already have a lot of consumer reviews and almost all of them are giving it a high satisfaction rating.

I don’t know anything about them and so I wanted to do some investigative work. I easily found their website and discovered that the site has been around since February 2014. Their products revolve around car chargers, interfaces, usb hubs, tablet holders and their 10-outlet surge protector.

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The Umirro power strip has 10 outlets that are surge protected but it only has a 6 foot long power cord. Each of the outlets have a big space around so you can use any plugs and adapters of any size. The outlets are on 3 different levels and they are separately controlled by on-off power black buttons.

Aside from the outlets, there are also 4 USB charging ports included which will automatically adjust its charging rate for your gadgets such as your smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, etc.

One thing that I quickly noticed about the Umirro surge protector is its circular appearance and this design makes it very easy to plug in the gadgets and electronics all around it. You can also see that there’s going to be a trip button on each of the row and this is for protection in case of a sudden power surge.

It does illuminate a little bit and the light might be a little bit bright for your preference. Personally, I would like the light to be dimmer especially if I’m using it in a dark room.

It’s built from a strong high quality plastic and it would pretty much survive a drop into a concrete or hardwood floor. If you’re looking for a power strip that you can put in tight spaces, then the Umirro would be an ideal option since it has a compact design. This will definitely make your workspace clean and free from excessive clutter.

What About the Issues?

The cord for the Umirro surge protector is not that flexible. It has a thick cord and this is understandable since this is a heavy duty power strip. However, it can be a challenge to place the surge protector in a very specific spot because of the cord’s stiffness.

You might find that that cord is going to be short and you really want to place this power strip on a stable surface. It claims that the cord’s length is at 6 feet but due to the cord’s thickness, there will be some kinks and so the actual usage length would be shorter.

Consumer Reviews

Many consumers have been very pleased with the overall performance of the Umirro 10-outlet surge protector. Another benefit that they like is how easy it is to put the power strip in any area as it has a small footprint. The overall appearance is also an additional bonus as it can double up as a nice decoration.

What’s Next?

Hopefully you’re going to make the right decision after reading this article. Do you have anything that you might want to add in this Umirro 10-outlet surge protector review? What’s your preferred surge protector? Let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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