Zilu P4SU Power Strip Review

Zilu P4SU Power StripThe Zilu P4SU power strip provides 4 AC outlets and 4 usb charging ports. Zilu is a company that’s been known to manufacture battery chargers, power banks, usb chargers and other accessories.

Their official website can be found at zilutech.com and according to their about us page, they’re a company that’s based from Mississippi and they specialize in developing systems for smart energy management. Upon browsing their website, I couldn’t really find their power strip. I had to use their search feature in order to find it and maybe this is because this product has just been released this 2015.

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There are a lot of power strips that claim to be surge protectors even if they’re not. According to the Amazon.com product page, the Zilu P4SU power strip is saying that they’re also a surge protector. Is there any truth into this statement?

First critical thing that you have to look out for when looking for a power strip with surge protection is the number of joules rating. If you do not see a joules rating, then it’s simply not a surge protector. According to the Amazon.com product description page, the Zilu P4SU power strip has a surge protection rating of 350 joules.

When it comes to the joules rating, you want a higher number and 350 joules will provide a basic surge protection. It’s not a huge rating but it’s better than having no protection at all. I still would not plug in your more sensitive high end equipment with just over 300 joules. If you have that kind of sensitive gear then you want a surge protector with over 2000 joules and some good warranty behind it.

It’s nice to see that the 4 AC outlets have enough spacing between them and this will definitely accommodate your bigger wall wart adapters without blocking the other outlets. The usb charging ports have some smart features, meaning the ports will automatically detect the device you plugged in and will provide the right current for efficient and faster charging. Overall, the usb ports will output 6A and will give up to 2.4A for each usb charging port. Take note that using the 4 charging ports at once can only provide up to 6A. So you cannot charge 4 tablets and get 2.4A on each of the port because that would be over 9A.

Many of the power strips out there are made out of some plastic but the Zilu has a different take on it. The housing is made up of some dark aluminum and it doesn’t have any of that cheap feel. The weight is a little heavy and it might surprise you a little to see how durable it is. The aesthetics is clean and smooth, the power cord which measures at 5 feet is built into the surge protector. There’s an on/off power switch which you can find near the power cord.

Some premium surge protectors will give you a lifetime warranty but the Zilu surge protector will only have a 24-month warranty. There’s no clear information when it comes to how much is the connected devices insurance and that’s why it’s not advisable to plug in your expensive and sensitive equipment.

Any Issues?

The length of the power cord at 5 feet is really not that long. You might also feel that the usb charging ports don’t have that right snug feeling when you plug in your usb. Still, the power output it provides is enough to charge 4 gadgets simultaneously with high efficiency.

Consumer Reviews

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, the Zilu P4SU power strips is just a newly released product but it already gained some attention from people. Consumers were satisfied with its overall performance and many have been pleased with how fast it charges their devices and noted that it doesn’t get hot even when you’re charging multiple devices at one time.

What’s Next?

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Check Price of Zilu P4SU on Amazon.com

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